Saturday, October 18, 2008

A little present for you.

I am sometimes fascinated by the silliest things. A few moments ago I was outside and noticed two jets in the sky. They were very close together and traveling about the same speed. I watched them with interest because they had slightly different flight paths but it was obvious that one jet was going to cross the path of the other and I wanted to see if the second jet was in fact flying a bit higher than the other. It was, but so close to the first jet that it actually caused the contrail of the first one to dissipate where it had crossed. Because of their different paths, within a moment of crossing paths, they were a quarter of a mile apart, then a half mile. As I watched the distance grow greater and greater, the thought occurred to me that when these two jets reached their final destinations they would be hundreds of miles apart, and yet for a moment they shared almost the same airspace. I thought how alike this is with what we experience as bloggers, for a moment as we cross paths we are together but very shortly we have moved into our own futures. Maybe in those few moments, something in our own lives were affected.

As you pass through here today, I would like to give you a gift to say "thank you" for all the positive affects you have had on my life in the last couple of years.
Take a moment and click on this link, I guarantee you will find at least three videos that will affect you in a positive way.
Thanks ~LDahl
Here is the link: Talks,Keith Barry: Brain magic

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Monster #1

This is a Gring of String. He is known for tangling
string, putting knots in necklaces and making
twisted spaghetti out of computer cables.
He feeds off the frustration caused when his
victims try to deal with the tangles. There
is no known protection from this monster.