Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring fun in Kansas

My daughter-in-law was in this today. She was in the back of a store, either in a cooler or between big refrigeration units. She was texting my daughter who had me on the phone, we three rode it out together as the back side of this system roared through Kansas City. Her text of "All Clear" was most welcome to say the least.
Love spring, except for the weeds and the extreme weather. 

Every year the clouds seem to have a "style" for that season, this is an example of this year's.
Top picture was taken at the first part of June, two lower ones taken out the back door two nights ago.

June 21: Forty three Tornadoes on the ground in Tornado Alley last night, more expected tonight.  Good start for the summer don't you think? 1317 so far this year in USA and counting.