Thursday, February 04, 2010

More Playing while it Snows and Snows

I'm having Ideas about Root People. I pulled out some big weeds behind the shed and found they had the most interesting roots, gnarly, grasping and hairy. I'd like to make people out of them, and I might give it a go when they are good and dried out. (Yes, guilty... I did save them!) Until then, my sister and I had fun with ink. Here is my first attempt. We laughed a lot, I cooked supper while she made her's... she came up with some perfectly charming monsters. She had so much fun that I've been able to tempt her to come back this coming weekend for a session of smearing around some paint. (She's a chemist by day) It seems to be the proper thing to do when it's cold, wet and gray day after day. Remember when we were kids, the sound of blunt scissors whacking hunks out of construction paper, the smell of paste and crayons, our tempera paints leaving splotches on our paint shirts? Everyone having a good time just playing, no thought where it was going to end up any more than "on the fridge". February, a good month to return to play for awhile I think.