Saturday, November 05, 2005

Friday night set hard in my brain, it wasn't that I couldn't think of an idea, it was that I couldn't think at all. My brain had all the mobility of chewing gum forever parked under a table in an old diner. I had painted Thursday night and all I had produced was a tiny piece of crapolla. The dried paint on my pallet plate was more interesting. I was tired and feeling grey, but the new theme word was "night" and it was now time to work on it.

Brain dead, I dutifully started drawing, it was easy enough, I can draw crap in my sleep, I drew crap. It was perfectly acceptable crap. I hated it. I looked at what I had done, and found it boring, unimaginative and trite. The gum in my head hardened further. I went outside and looked at the midnight sky, Orion rising in the east. What would the night be without stars? What people looked at the stars and saw giant men with clubs, flying horses, bears, lions and bulls? Who were they, what lives had they lived, what had been important to them? What had been their dreams?

Daytime is busy with all the everyday work and worry of the world but night, night is a time for dreaming. The work of the day is over, night gives time for visions, for thinking of the past and of the future, of seeing things that aren't really there, yet. But what would the night be without the moon, the stars and the ancient constellations which make visible the dreams of the past?

Stamps, United States Postal Service®

The wonderful, talented people of I-Friday had done their job. I had spent much time in the past couple of weeks viewing their dreams, I had been surprised, delighted and many times, been in awe of what I had discovered. Now those visions were dissolving the gum in my head, I felt it go with a pop. The stars of Orion had ignited an inner fire, and I had an idea that wouldn't be trite. I knew what I wanted to do and it would be fun, and if I've learned anything as an artist, it is that when you are having fun, the work isn't trite or boring. It might not be well thought out or perfect in execution, but it has a life of it's own.

I spent the night working on my "Night". I offer you the constellations found in my pallet, my visions of what I see after the work is done.

The Nightplate......

See if you can find all five of these in the plate.


Toni said...

I had to go back and look at your pallet and your paintings and then the light went on inside my head.
i saw it all in your pallet. how wonderful
i especially love the whale.

Holly said...

Well now-this was a pleasant surprise before bedtime! I'm stunned-this is ingenious and very thoughtful indeed. Excellent problem solving to create something almost magical really. I will never look at my paint tray the same. I will now look for secret things and creatures. Thanks for this. Now time to go off and dream! Cheers!

vfm4 said...

literally fantastic! lovely!

carla said...

I call it serendipity, and for you the combination of chance and the artist's vision has worked magic. BTW, I am suffering from the "hard gum" syndrome as well this week...hoping for a fresh start tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing these little wonders!

Anonymous said...

This is a really fun post for the viewers :) I LOVE IT!!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

These are all wonderful.

annamatic said...

The constellation stamps are beautiful, but what you found in your paint tray was pure magic! I love that you found those visions in your palette just like one seeks out constellations in the night. And they'll get lost in the swirl come daybreak too...

Glorb said...

wow !
J'aime beaucoup ces apparitions de peersonnages au milieu de taches de peintures.

aynaku said...

there is a story about Leonardo who got kicks for his masterpieces exactly in the same way you did ..So yuo are in a good company :)

Ann Ellis said...

How fascinating! And what I saw in your shapes and colours was completely different again...worlds upon worlds...magic.

Catnapping said...

omg, your powers of creation are amazing! I went back to the plate after viewing your pieces, and damn if your creatures weren't right there!


outstanding conception.

Mick said...

Jeepers! This is so wonderful!

LDahl said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. Head-lights are contagious!! I'm getting a pretty good case of head-lights from the IF crew! You keep the bar high!

Thank you, I must warn you though, if you start seeing, it will get harder and harder to wash out that paint tray!! :))) I have corrupted you!! BWWWahhhHHaaaa!

Thank you, I think my last entry was so dark it was not in me to do another depressed one,
I needed to have some fun!

Hi Carla, hope today is going better for you,don't you hate it when the "gum disease" hits?
Painful, *#Bleack#*
Your comment was so warm and thoughtful, thank you!

Thanks!! I loved being able to share it with you!
I really had my fingers crossed that you all would have fun with this. (I love to play:) I'm still looking at your night. As usual, not as simple as it seems on the surface.

Thank you, I dread the day you say "This really is horrible."
...keeps me on my toes! :))

"Lost in time, like tears, in rain..." from one of my favorite movies, Blade Runner.) "All those moments" it has been so nice to share some of the moments with you guys who visit. Thank you so much for your comment, you really understood:)

Merci, merci... Je suis si heureux vous avez aim mes lutins! Ma mère m'a toujours appelé un lutin ! :)
J'espère que vous me retournerez et rendrez visite encore.

I did not know that... I have read that they think he only finished twelve paintings, and at the end of his life he questioned himself. He believed he was a failure. Yet it was his drawing that was sent to the stars to represent us all. Stars again!!
You have made me think of something else. ut-oh! Thank you for your comment... wahhh Leonardo!!! (I think he woulda' loved the internet:)

How true! Sometimes by capturing one world you have to destroy another... as they are often linked or layered as it were. But the seeing is the magic part! Thank you for playing along with me!!

*blush* yep, they are there and you see the bear and the angel? How about the fish right on top of the whale? There were dozens, but I picked the ones that I thought would show up easily in the small plate pic. Thank you for your comment, you made my day!

Hi, you've returned! Thanks, for the 'Jeepers', I left out the monsters this time... they will probably be back for revenge BWAaaaaaaaHHaaaaa!

andrea said...

All of a sudden I have to run to my studio and fish some of my undiscovered genius out of the garbage! (I use styrofoam meat trays as palettes.) These really do have a dream-like quality. Clever but soulful!

I enjoyed reading about the genesis of your garden (and I love that you list your occupation as "painter" -- I don't meet many others!) so I will be back for more.

cream said...

Love the ease with which your colours just flow...
Your style brings out the "lutin" in you!
Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

i live your work beautiful colors and wonderfully rendered characters. i will have to say, the one i would call the eskimo and the cat is humorous. i don't know if it meant to be so, or if it's just my twisted thinking.

The Tart said...

NIGHT....captivating....all of it!

Cool stamps.

The Tart

kg said...

oh, my gosh... this is wonderful! my favorite is the one with the owl and the little man in the hooded parka...

have you ever seen troy anderson's paintings? these remind me a little of his work... how when you look beyond the obvious, you will find little obscure treasures.

(p.s. - my word verification word is "dulll." hm... i wonder, should i take that personally??) ;-)

aynaku said...

hi, thank you very much for visiting and enjoying my blog. regarding your impossibility to travel, please consider J.Bond's advise "never say never"...

LDahl said...

Did you find anything good? Inquiring minds want to know... There's gold in that there trash, :))) Thanks for mentioning the garden..... I'm so new at this I really don't know what is good to post and what is lame. It seems as if the blogger community is very accepting. Thanks for visiting and commenting, I really do hope you will return, I know I'll be back to your blog, I admire your work and enjoy reading your words.

Thank you for your comment. Yeah, I'm an imp at times and a brat at others:))) Mostly I'm just quiet and just want to work in peace, so I don't cause too much trouble:)))
(I love the stories and drawings on your blog)

Oh, it's that darn cat... cats are like that you know, they try to embarrass you when they can, cough up hair balls on your visitors shoes, get their tails where they don't belong. :))) Thanks for your visit!

Thank you! Those stamps were very beautiful, weren't they?

Thank you!! I liked them because they were almost complete and they looked like they were standing on the rim of the plate. I googled Troy Anderson. Was he the Indian Artist, or another one?
dulll? Why did you get an easy one?! I always get something like zjuuzqw, and then just for good measure it gives me a new one:(
(I think yours' stood for: did you leave lollie love? :)))

Of course you are right! (And Mr. Bond too:)) Your work just makes one want to get out there and live it for awhile... It reminds me of the film "finding Nemo" all the beauty but more sophisticated.

The Unknown said...

Nice. Great stuff. Love the story too.

Leezy said...

Absolutely incredible.

So inspring and enjyoable.

I think we share a bit of the same gum at times. Of course, being british, I feel compelled to say Tripe, rather than trite - hahaha. My tripe looks like crapolla too, when I can't get my art-thang on.

Your thoughts were very comforting to read, in a way, where it made total sense, and I thank you for sharing such a personal experience. What a wonderful discovery too, right under your nose.

The work that came from your plate, simply beautiful. And I think the best work comes from exactly that - simplicity.

thank you, thank you and thank you.
I received your e-mail, too, so thank you for playing my 'Night' game.

LDahl said...

I thought you were supposed to be working:))) Thanks for taking the time to visit and bring love:)
(somehow you sounded tired) Get some rest, you know you are nothing without your health!
I just got: yupamxzc anyone read Inca?

LDahl said...

Well, we have to be best friends now(sharing gum was a best friend thing when I was a kid)
Ah, so that is what tripe is:)))
Yes, well, I have been known to sneek tripe out to the trash in the middle of the night:)))
Me art-thang comes and goes sometimes... so does my taste for shrimp or my love of Terry Pratchett books. It will be back soon enough:)) No problem unless I have to get something done. 'Course it's hateful when I'm in the middle of it and I'm thinking the BLACK thoughts.
I-Friday has been the push I have needed to break some calcification in the way I've been thinking. Just seeing what everyone else is doing and reading what they have to say about it is spectacular!
You're welcome...and thank you for your most special comment!!
Don't be shy girlfriend, ya' all come back and see me again, or email if you get down and want to vent.
Tell me I won, I want the prize...heheh!

Shano said...

Soft, dreamy, mystical. Beautiful!

Wilnara said...

You truly are a brilliant artist! Not only that you have a way with words that is breathtaking and captivating!!!! Genuine at heart!!! These images are so loose and colorful! Job well done on this theme.

Anne-arky said...

lovely! How creative! :)

LDahl said...

Thank you so very much for your comment!

Wow, you sure made me feel special!! ... and more brave!
Thank you, I really appreciated your comment!

Thanks for visiting and commenting:)

garth bruner said...

OH-MY-GOSH! I envy you how talented you are with script as well as with a brush. Every time I try to say something thoughtful, it embarrasses me, so I just try to tell my stories through my art, completely without words. Your words add so much. Brilliant brainstorming idea, and unbelievable outcome. Really incredible.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog, by the way ;).

LDahl said...

Funny Farmer,
What a darlin' ye are*blush*! I think your 'night' was superb, you just made a whole night come completely alive with one illo. Your comments are really encouraging to me, as I too get so embarrassed when I write. Thank you, thank you!

Bea said...

These are amazing and very beautiful!

Courtney said...

wonderful, imaginative, fantastic little characters. great job. :)

Satu said...

Simply wonderful! What a genious idea.

Jules said...

They are so beautiful. I love your whole stream-of-consciousness explanation, I understand exactly what you mean. I sometimes say "I can pee spot illustrations", give me something tough. But then demands of life, work etc kick in and I piss out another! Scrape that gum off, you did good!

LDahl said...

Bea,Courtney,and Satu,
Thank you all very, very much for your comments!:)

Jules, thank you for the giggle:)))
OK, gum scrapped of for this weeks word!

JacqueLynn said...

What an absolutely wonderful creative idea. The paintings are amazing, fresh, delightful. SO much to look at, so much to think about. They are so much a break from constrant.

LDahl said...

Thank you! I hope to take a couple of these and explore them further... time, time!! I need a clone:)))

Becca said...

ephemeral ... light but powerful imagery ...

LDahl said...

Thank you Becca!! It looks like you had a very special Thanksgiving! I'm enjoying your Blog.

Mella said...

Wow. Stunning. Amazing. Five little worlds all swirled together on one plate that would look lifeless and dull to the unimaginative eye - but with the few strokes of an artists brush and not only is life born, but five completely different worlds, characters, stories. Brilliant.

LDahl said...

Cool! I have always wished I could share what I see all around me, just this once I found a way:)))
The funny thing is I haven't washed the plate yet and when people come over and see it sitting there they say "OMG there is The Plate!" then they look for the stuff in it, pretty fun when they see exactly what I saw. It would be interesting to do a story for each of the characters... The Story from the Plate...yeah!!!

Gerald said...

I really like the bird's eyes. So dark and powerful.

LDahl said...

Thank you Gerald, I am so impressed with your sketches! You reminded me I need to get back to drawing again!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Utterly amazing! WOW! fairy tales in paint swirls! Mary :-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It reminds me of a game we used to play called squiggle--you make a squiggle, then someone else finishes it into a drawing--then they make a squiggle and you finish it!

LDahl said...

Projects to finish later:))) I think they would be fun to do in oils. Oh I would be so good at Squiggle:))) I see stuff in concrete walkways etc....