Thursday, December 21, 2006

Invitation to the 30 mins painting exercise

Sebastien Gallego from The Jumbled Drawer
Has offered an invitation to join the 30 minutes painting exercise.
This is my first try... I suck, but I tried *giggle*

For a lovely holiday treat visit:
Merisi's Vienna For Beginners
If you have time be sure and look
in the archives as the window
shopping is the best!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh the Vienna link was wonderful ... flooded with memories of having been there for Christmas one year, just up from St Stephan. It also made me think of Oma and Opa for Christmas :)

Never take art too seriously heehheee, your painting is very good for 30 mins worth, which is very difficult to do!

Merry Christmas!!!

LDahl said...

Visions of sugarplums.....!! I don't have the memories, but I sure am getting the dreams:)))

Not take Art seriously? Blasphemer!!!:D
How else can I keep my ulcer in prime working condition?!? Hehehe
(No Arthur, no eats around here.)

Happy Holidays to you my dear!

marcobucci said...

wow, this doesn't suck - this is great! Your paintstrokes really blend together in the thumbnail and create a photorealistic effect. It's fun to see the higher res version and see the actual paint work as well.

albina said...

Wow! Happy to see this -- wow! I have to try this tomorrow, too beat tonight. Happy Yule! Happy Winter Solstice from soused(? is it a word?) druids! Wow! I think I will need many more minutes, though... Can I do it with finger paint?

Oliver Chipping said...

If by suck you mean radical, then I agree! I think this is great - I won't post my 1st 'speedscape' try (awful hehe). Thanks for the link.

tlc illustration said...

30 minutes is tough! I ought to do something like that - maybe it would speed me up. I get very tired of taking so LONG to do anything...

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

You are very generous, LDahl, thank you so much!
I promised myself to try to find every day something beautiful in my new home (I moved here a little over a year ago from Washington,DC), in order to keep my spirits up and homesickness at bay.
I was myself quite surprised to discover that Vienna is an endless source of beautiful things to discover. I had never blogged before, so I had no idea people other than my friends (they are the reason I initially started blogging) would be following my daily discoveries. Sometimes I get a little discouraged seeing all those very beautiful blogs and I can only offer pictures usually taken on my way from one place to another and in a hurry, but then I think I myself would like to accompany somebody else in another city or place on the daily routine.
I truly think Vienna is a wonderful city to live in, a very cosmopolitan one, you meet constantly people from other parts of the world who either live here or enjoy their vacations. Sometimes I am still surprised when I hear somebody speak german, so used am I to listen to other languages here. And after having loved my former homes, Rome and Washington,DC very much, I am beginning to start to feel at home here.
Thank you for linking my blog and Happy Holidays to you and your guests,
from Vienna,

aynaku said...

done in 30 min? I applaude your mastery...and tnx for your comment, always interesting...
happy christams

Cream said...

"I suck!" she says! Yeah, right!
L, this a wonderful painting! Thirty minutes!!!
And the Vienna link was great, too.
Have a fantabulous Christmas!

Toni said...

Now to find 30 minutes. Perhaps after Christmas. So are you working in photoshop or painter? I also need to get a tablet, would make life easier I think.

And it doesn't suck my dear friend. Looking forward to seeing more.

Caroline said...

Beautiful use of 30 minutes!

Thanks for the Vienna link - one of my brothers has moved out to a place near Vienna but he only ever takes photographs of wildlife (and his son) so its great to see the city his son was born in!

Caroline said...

And I meant to return your Merry Christmas too - I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like the painting! It is sort of ethereal! Beautiful!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and yours! Happy New Year, too!! :-D

I'd like to try a 30-minute painting--I really want to--I'll be terrible at it, but it's be fun--oh for some time!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

There's some really nice subtleties in there--I couldn't do that in 30 minutes!

Todd Harris said...

happy holidays to you! great job on this, I can't believe it was only 30 mins. great painting, i really enjoy it.

Nate said...

I think you did an awesome job. I would probably still have a white canvas in that time. Have fun in KS this Christmas.

LDahl said...

Marco, thank you! You have to admit it is a frightful mess of flying pixels though!!! But I have to admit it was fun, freeing and frustrating all at the same time. The last four minutes were done while I chanted "faster, faster, faster!" to myself ......alas time was up! Hehehe.

Albina, Soused Druids!!! Oh...hehehe, yes. Wouldn't Drunken Druids make a great illo? Heheh

Oliver Chipping... it was YOUR illos I was comparing this to..... truth! How can you get so much done in 30 minutes and have them look so serene and beautiful??!

TLC, I know just what you mean.....the need for speed! I get bored when it takes too long, and I've envied (read: dripping green:)))those people that just seem to flip stuff out in minutes. I think this exercise will put some fire in my feathers and get me flying faster!:)))
Yes, 30 minutes is tough!

Merisi, you are more than welcome *blush*..... I just wanted to share your beautiful vision. I think you are one of those people who are very talented(gifted) and just don't know it. I keep going back and the more I look the more I see. People often talk of Christmas Magic, in your photos, the dream becomes alive. Thank you for your comment here, I'm so very happy to get to know you better. I'll be seeing you again... in Vienna!

Aynaku, your last two were wonderful... I swear you just keep getting better and better... your work is moving into a higher realm. (it was always very good, but now it also has that special something extra)

Cream... oh Cream, bless your heart. You're a darlin' man.

Toni, I did it all with Corel photopaint, version 8,older than dirt... They are up to version 12 now and I'm just now thinking it might be time to upgrade. 8 really is a good program can do a lot with it. I have used it for years and am pretty familiar with all the workings, but every now and then I still find something new to work with just about the time I need it. Yes, do yourself a favor and get a Wacom, worth every penny.

Caroline, I honestly believe I could be quite at home in Austria... the country side as far as I can tell looks like it does here only better:)))
And Vienna, the way Merisi sees it, seems to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Does your brother like it there?

Mary, you must try it! I can't wait(well, I'll have to, of course, working this weekend and Holiday with family etc) but still I so look forward to doing this exercise again and again.

Todd, thank you so much!!! 30 minutes, I didn't cheat... I did exactly as instructed. You can see how unfinished it is in the larger view, Uuggg, it's a mess!!

Thank you Nate... it is surprising how fast your mind works when the clock is ticking! In my case, not fast enough, but it did make me think without any of my usual mucking about in the head department:))))

Sebastien Gallego said...

WOW!! This is really great! I'm glad you started this exercise with us! Isn't it fun? You did a great job with this one. You can see in my older posts that my first one was not as succesfull as yours. :)
Merry christmas to you! Happy holiday!
I can't wait to see more of your 30 mins paintings.

LDahl said...

THank you Sebastien, and thank you for the invite. I loved doing it and I have promised myself as a reward for getting through the holidays without "losing it",I will get to do more. I'm really looking forward to trying again. I went and looked at your first ones... sorry to disagree with you, I thought they were wonderful and much better than mine!
(Yes it is very fun!!!)


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