Monday, December 07, 2009

Above and Below

A whimsy to combat the "Grays"

I'm actually rather excited today,
after much time with the creative
blahs, I have and Idea. The perfect
Idea. It will allow me to play
without restrictions and it is
something I believe will be easily
accomplished as I can work on
The Idea in fits and starts.
The best part is it is something
I think will be fun. I have been
low on fun (and energy) the
last few months. It should get
me perking around again.


ValGalArt said...

I am so happy for you and that is the bestest feeling pal! This is gorgeous but you know that ;) having fun is muy importante!

LDahl said...

It's been snowing on and off for the last 24 hours...I'm snowed in!!
Waily, waily, waily! heheh
I can't/don't have to/go anywhere and no-one can get in. heheh Got a nice pot roast cooking just like my grandmother used to make it, I have a glass of hot tea and as long as the computer stays up and connected, life is good!*Grin*
My youngest will come and bust me out on Thursday.
Thanks for the comment Val, you always make me cheerful, I hope my next post will have info and example of "New Idea" (And by that I mean new for me) I really don't think there is anything new under the's just variations of the old and a stretching in maybe a new combination.

simon said...

creativity is like that! good to see it flowing again!

LDahl said...

The problem is there is so much to be done this time of year that it is very hard to get through all the "Must do NOWs". Let alone the "Wouldn't it be funs". I'm warning everyone... "January is MINE to play!!! so back off and just don't ask me to do anything in January!!!"
My mom says "Let's see how that works out for you" with a know-it-all evil grin.

albina said...

Perk away, my friend! And it is good to claim some time just for you and your muse -- don't pay attention to detractors, have FUN!!!!!!!!!

LDahl said...

Albina, the clock is ticking towards January and 'stuff is still going on, sick grandma, brakes out on car, sister is back from the hospital this morning, etc... but after some after the holiday blues, my thoughts once again return to special project.
Sometimes it's not a battle, but a war, know what I mean?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Your life sounds like mine, full of people sick and healthy, projects, blues, blahs, highs...but you make it all sound so GOOD.

I'd love to see walls painted like this.

LDahl said...

I could do it! Paint walls like this, I mean. Someday, maybe I will. Who knows what the future may bring,eh?