Monday, January 11, 2010

Your kids can change

At the speed of light.........

A few days ago I got a call from my beautiful daughter.
She said,"Are you ready to have an
"I'll take full credit, I'm so proud, Mommy moment""?
I thought, "What!?!", but said with hesitation , "Sure..."
Amanda: I just sent you an email with some drawings
I've just done.
Me: What!?! (She always said she hates to draw!)

Click, click, click(email opened)

Me: Oh my god!
Amanda:* Giggle* So what do you think?
Me: Who are you and what have you done with my

OK, you probably get the idea...

Amanda has always made me so proud as her
mother. She is a great wife, mother and
daughter. She is a kick-ass ICU nurse. As she
says, "You don't want to see me because that
means you are very, very sick. But then you
do want to see me because I'll do everything
in my power to keep you alive until shift
But drawing? She has never shown the
slightest interest. None, zippo, nada.
So suddenly she starts drawing...
...picked up a pencil and went to town.
I'm stunned! And for some odd reason
soooooo very happy!

I just wanted to share with you my
"Proud mommy, I take full credit"

Amanda's Zombies

A few days have gone by and she is still at it!
I'm thrilled!

And now may I introduce you to the artist:

My daughter Amanda and her hubby
Fido...I mean Nick. They are dressed
up in their Halloween costumes as
characters from the movie 'Fido'.


Merisi said...

Congratulations, Mamma,
you sure have every reason to take credit for such a talented daughter! And such a lovely family she has.

Have all of you recovered from the horrible flood experience? I was so often thinking of you.

LDahl said...

Merisi, it is amazing, every day she get's better and better. You should see what she sent me today. I knew she made beautiful and fun party invitations, but the drawing is really blowing me away. I just adore seeing what talents my kids and grand kids have. In truth, her cartoons look more like her dad's work than mine... makes me very misty-eyed as I can see his talent shining through her.(We met in art school)

Ev said...

Beautiful family! And great drawings!!

LDahl said...

Thanks Ev! She progresses every day.

simon said...

Isn't that great!:o)

I have a daughter who is a good artist with pastels..she even had people asking her to do specific artworks for them and one day she just stopped.

I hope she starts again.

LDahl said...

It sure was unexpected! I'm almost afraid she will do too much at once and burn out. Doing artwork can really drain you sometimes.
Did you ever ask your daughter why she quit?

simon said...

I did and she said "I dunno. just sick of it"

LDahl said...

It happens. I remember loving to play a game... then one day I just lost interest right in the middle of playing and never played it again. Grew out of I guess.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Wow! And she's never, ever, not ever drawn before? I hope she doesn't get tired of art.

I was tired of literature after university. I read True Confession for a good while after, haha.

You have a lovely family, look at your grands, they're adorable.

Say hi from St. America!

LDahl said...

She drew about 3 or 4 elf quest cartoons when she was 18. I knew she had talent, but she always said she hated drawing and didn't want anything to do with art. I was 'blown away' by what she was drawing, but not near as much as I was that she was drawing. She has improved so much in the last week it's scary. I can't wait to see what she'll do this week.

My mom read me True Confession and True Detective as bedtime stories when I was a kid. Warped me for life!:)))

Thanks, I may be a bit biased but I have 8 really cute grandkids. Little buggers are smart too...too smart for their own good sometimes.

I will say hi for you, Amanda was mortified I posted her pics so it will please her that she isn't getting slammed here.:)

Barbara said...

So many people have an artist inside of them and are not aware of it.

No I did not get the powder story from your blog, it was a blogger from Utah.
Yours sounds a pretty good story though!

LDahl said...

Hi Barbara, I didn't think you did but it sure brought back memories!! It's just that I was surprised to find I wasn't the only one that had a son who made powder mayhem. He even lifted up the bedside phone and powdered underneath it and the handset, it looked as if it had snowed in my bedroom. Shocking at the time(It did smell good though:)
Lots of adventures with my three, my mother swore it was revenge for what I put her through! :D

Diwakar Sinha said...

i just love the family pic :)

LDahl said...

Diwakar, thank you... I love it too. They are a happy family and I think it shows. :)