Friday, December 09, 2011

Absolom_ The fifth point of the compass

One of the things I enjoyed in the past was finding my own pigment and grinding my own paint. I have started doing it again. Hand grinding is time consuming, but relaxing (and in a perverse way, fun) I am working on a beautiful golden ocher that is so rich it radiates light and a sienna that rivals others from Europe and from historical mines. Both found about seven miles from where I live. I'm excited, and can't wait to go on another pigment hunt. I have a gray/green one I have had my eye on for quite awhile... it's waited a million years for me, it probably will have to wait a few more months. :-D

Absolom is a drawing-painting I'm working on at the present time. It is reaching a crossroad, so I thought I would scan and post it before I make that fateful "wrong" turn. Only time will tell what it's potential is.


Guyana-Gyal said...

That one has me curious...finding pigment. I must google it.

My mother said that when they were children, they used to use a particular red flower to make ink. Fascinating.

Andrew Finnie said...

Hey, sorry didn't see this post, well am I impressed, a pigment grinder from way back eh? Nice to get our hands dirty, to get to the source. yes meditative is good. Mind you, my sewere sprung a leak yesterday, so sometimes getting all dirty aint that hood :D

see you, looking f orward to what paths you explore with this one, maybe the f ace could be in half shadow, add a little mystery :)

avagoodchrissie :)

simon said...

Happy New Year Lilah. The painting looks alive and I can understand how grinding pigments can be relaxing. Look forward to seeing more of this as it unfolds.

Andrew Finnie said...


Just in case you were interested Daz is giving away all their products including Bryce 7 pro free till the end of the month - by products I mean their software - all except Carrara

hope you are well and haven't fallen down a well :)

Negi said...
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