Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moon Rider

New Years Eve doesn't bring the end of the old year, there is this gap, this space that is January. It is a stumbling, leaves-of-days raking month. Earthy molds swallow time. Grey, smoking mists choke damp layers of memory. None of it is right and all of it is true.

Overwhelmed love for all, is this how God exists? Such love, there is no speaking, only another day manifested in the gift; this now, in a world.

I can't move forward, not yet. I'm not so much frozen as clogged, it frightens me more than falling.


andrea said...

Beautifully sultry portrait. I like the stillnes of January -- the pause in the year. I'm one of the few people who actually loves this month.

Cate said...

I'm (nearly) speechless.

Your words are so powerful that I've nearly forgotten to stare at the lovely picture, the porcelin skinned girl with sleepy eyes.

You've mangaged to marry your words and image to evoke intense emotion. The emotion of being caught in a fog, in between, on the cusp of something incredible maybe? Waiting? Ehh, what do I know?

I always amazed that you are able to "top" yourself. This has to be my favorite.

Cate said...

I posted before I checked the spelling of "porcelain." I stand corrected :)

Brian the Mennonite said...

I still cannot believe that people can create images like these. Your wand motions are spirit-filled. A powerful gift...truly powerful.

DeeJay said...

Most excellent!

Toni said...

How piercing her gaze is and your words. You always strike a cord in me that is hard to explain.
By mid january I look forward for soon spring will be here.

Anonymous said...

I may never see tomorrow, there's no guarantee,
And things that happened yesterday belong to history.

modroom said...

"Leaves-of-days" is my favourite expression amongst these rich words. The middle para gives me a sense of the enfolded, what we see from this perspective. I'm just glad the days are getting longer here at last! Captivating image, reflective.

LDahl said...

It's not that I don't love it, it is that it is so quickly melting into a wax string that I can't seem to get a grip on:) I don't remember when I have been so excited by my "in coming". No rest, no rest... I don't think of you as Andrea, I always think of you as "Lady Andrea". Thank you Lady.

Ah, my lovely Cate, you stand as you are, no corrections needed. You fly with your shrine, go girl, go! Thank you for your heartfelt comment.

Brian the Mennonite
From you, high praise indeed. I just go with the flow when the spirit calls, I listen to the soundless clicks and I let go, then it is easy. I forget sometimes and then the "Yuck" factor steps in and reminds me to have fun and let it be.

Most appreciated!Thank you my dear:)

Toni Kelly
I'm pretty sure I know what you mean, with this group of people I have the same respose. Sometimes, glee comes close:)))not a word used too often, and maybe not the right word... but close. Your Beach Glass left me looking and thinking and ... gleeful? :)

Now. now. now. now. Yes. This Now.
Awe-some is a type of fear. Are we even who we think we are? Mere words can not delineate. Even to name something freezes it into a form, a sign/logo.

Thank you, bless your heart!

Me too:) The longer days fool me into thinking I have more time to get to all I want to get to:))))

ValGalArt said...

the eyes are so compelling... beautiful words and picture!

carla said...

We thinking, feeling beings can't help but try to make sense of the cyclical rhythms of Nature. Too often we see time as limiting, threatening - something that takes rather than gives. What is this clogging? Is it the inner self responding to the hibernation call in conflict with the outer self insisting on going forward? Beneath the snow and hard earth, the seeds of Fall wait for the sun to return...they'll push up through the rotting leaves without any consciousness of the process. And then Spring comes... and we thinking, feeling beings will celebrate our ressurrection myths, forgetting how they came to be.

This image– to me – depicts the essence of that conflict we have with Nature...she's hard to read. She looks innocent, dangerous, unaware, powerful, beautiful, cruel...and my eyes are drawn to her, trying to figure out the enigma.

Catnapping said...

jesus, this knocked me over in my chair.

the eyes, alone, are powerful enough, but your writing...

there are no words.

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Wow...speechless. Beautiful. Powerful.

Anonymous said...

*insert word that means more perfect than perfection*

Queen Tut said...

I just kept on re reading the poem. The words just slip off my tongue but have left a profound impact.

The Tart said...'s


The Tart

LDahl said...

Thank you my friend! Sorry I am so slow in my response to your wonderful comments, I was "trashed" and knew it was time to take a break for survivals sake:)))

Carla, you always write the most beautiful things. So intelligent and rewarding for the reader.
This month I had come to the end of a great circle in time. Long ago, as a person just entering the adult world, I was offered an opportunity that I, through insecurity and fear, declined. It has always symbolized "The Road Not Taken" to me. This month, almost to the day, I once again was offered the same opportunity. This time I did my duty, as it were, and in the process discovered, facing my own fear of failure, was the important part... in fact the "Road" was a test, one I avoided before, but this time I did not. You would think it would have had a releasing effect on me, but in fact left me shaken and at loose ends. I've had much to reflect on, so much has happened over the years. I am now realizing just how much one small thing can influence one's life. A scary thought!!!! But with my usual "Oh, well, onward now!" I am ready to mend my bow, and tighten it's string...and walk on. (Have I learned anything?!:))

I loved your read on the character, it was invaluable to me... she is the main character in a book that is half written, she was painted to give the author a physical glimpse of who he was struggling with:))))
I had to really put myself in her shoes, to be in fact, her, and you found her through the drawing. How cool is that?!! Thank you my dear:)

You are give me such courage! You don't know what it means to me!
Bless you!!!

Thanks Tony, January is always a rough one for me:~[
I think I may have reached the turning point now and will "keep on, keeping on" for another year:)

I'm so grateful to you and for you!

Queen Tut wow, thanks, thank you!

Jody, thanks for the awesome comment!!! I think I'm about ready to "Kick out the jam" and get all creative again:)))

angeline said...

just like them, i can't help saying it is awesome not only illustrations but also yr writing. Oh i really enjoy reading your writings! =)

LDahl said...

Thank you Angeline:)) I'm getting more comfortable about writing. I always liked to write, but never thought anyone would like to actually read what I wrote.:)))

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Simply Stunning. And your watercolor technique is perfect as well.

Lily and Lucy White said...

The image is ringing the bell loud and clear – once upon a time there was no regrets, no feelings of loss or pain… Once upon a time all roads lead to the same destination, and innocence was bliss of ignorance, and hardness was bliss of mistrust…
And then we all find that someone who is an adversary of all things possible – ourselves. Ha!
I hope your journey continues, and think that in parallel realities you already have taken all those roads, and even maybe more than once.
Come out and play! Lily.

LDahl said...

AscenderRisesAbove Thank you for your comment. :)

Lily and Lucy White
Once upon a time all roads lead to the same destination... Wow, you can see deep... loved your comment so much. I'm getting my sea-legs under me again, so will be out to
play soon:)! Thank You Lily!!

LDahl said...


Posted by aynaku to The Labrat at 2/04/2006 07:20:22 AM

hi over there!
my radio is blasting tom waits right now!
nice illo and writing...


Hi Aynaku!
Blogger ate your post so I'm posting it again so you know I saw it and am getting my headphones out to listen to King Tom:)))