Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sugar and Spice... and everything nice,
that's what little girls are made of.


kay susan said...

Oh! Ain't they just! Excellent, and funny. Is this for Illo Friday flavour. Great interpretation.

kay susan said...

I forgot to tell you. My grandchildren really enjoyed your cherry pie story!

the painted pear said...

That is a neat interpretation. Girls can be very spicey. Both sweet and not. I've got two, so I can say that. Nice job.

Courtney said...

very cute interpretation. my little girl is made up of puppy dog tails too ;)

Jaimie said...

What a charming illustration. I always look forward to your submissions.

vfm4 said...

and little boys? :)

Wilnara said...

Too Cute! I love the characters you come up with. Really Nice!

Toni said...

Ahhh she is too cute!
Love the bunny.
I had two boys so don't know much about girls except for my sisters.
Hope you , baby, and family are doing well. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mwhahahaaaa of course! Your lovely one has a believable smile in her eyes and love seeing the belly button! Sure rabbit is loved to death };-}

Alexa Brett said...

Very nice illo! Lovely girl---love the upside down bunny! My daughter has a yellow fabric doll that she has had since she was four months old (she is nine, almost)...

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Yeah...that's what I thought until my little princess turned 14.

Great illo.

TXArtcGal said...

Nice idea!!...and, dd is 14 yo...I know what you mean!

andrea said...

Another illustration chock-full of character.

ValGalArt said...

aaaahhhh, she is adorable! this is sweet and charming!!! like you...

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, what did that sweet little girl do to that rabbit?!

Caroline said...

Looks like the sugar is going everywhere yet to look at her you'd think she had nothing to do with it!

carla said...

She's adorable...I want to tickly her little tummy:> I love, though, that even your sweetest little faces have just a bit of the imp... Bunny looks very patient - a quality most essential when in a favorite stuffed animal.

zordis said...

Such a doll this little one. I believe we all have those nice things no matter boy or a girl.

Salut, Amore e Dinero.

Cate said...

She is the epitome of a little girl! Love the round tummy and content expression, but especially, love the bunny, who is so obviously loved and a part of her!

You definitely balanced the sugar and spice. I'm banking on her being "up to something."

Holly said...

Yes-my little girl is still quite sweet indeed. Charming illo. Happy new year.

cream said...

Beautiful, L!
I love the way the bunny is hanging there!

Mick said...

Sugar and spice, Dahl?...I knew that. I'll be back soon, I have to move the "dragging your bunny around by one leg" item into the "everything nice" column! :D

LDahl said...

Kay Susan
I didn't intend to do IF this week... I've had the HOLIDAY HANGOVER and the flu. I felt I needed down time, sleep and a re-boot. BUT, I couldn't let it go, so I did this quick colored pencil drawing.
I'm not compulsive/impulsive, no, not me. I'm so happy they liked the story, I'm trying my best to get the decks cleared so I can get it completely illustrated!

The painted pear
That is what I was trying to show, that little girls are more than neat hair and neat clothes... some spices bring tears to your eyes:))))
Pepper pots!!!

Heheh, Thank you, I see you understand this little girl perfectly!

Thank you Jaimie! I am still dreaming of your Zebra!

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...that's what little boys are made of. That is how the old nursery rhyme went. I remember when I was a girl seeing the illustrations of perfect, beautiful little girls and I KNEW there was something wrong with me. For one thing I was looking at the pictures while perched in my favorite tree:))))

Thank you Wilnara! Again, Happy Birthday!

Toni Kelly
Baby is doing great, I'm starting to feel better...if I can just keep making progress a few more days:))) Thank you!

Thank you dear Anonymous, yes, you are so right...Rabby was loved to death.:(

Alexa Brett
Don't let anything happen to that doll!! I think the bunny was from a very early Easter basket.

Hang in there, she'll be back about the time she turns 18!

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that got a BLACK QUEEN at 14...hehehe!
She's a lovely wife, mother and RN now. Couldn't possibly be prouder of her, but at 14?...OMG!!!

Painting Andrea, I want to be painting!! I love your landscape you had so much trouble with, I want to be fighting with oils:))) I love the smell of them, but everyone else thinks they smell terrible!!!!

Just like me......heheh, see that messy hair and yes, that is a mud puddle she is standing in. And, is that sugar and spice...or is it house paint and mud fingerprints!??:))) They make a lovely mixture, I tell you from first "hand" experiance.

Oh, Poor Rabby! The little girl got Scarlet fever and Rabby stayed faithfully by her side... his love, and her love for him cost him his existence. The little girl's mother had to burn all the toys and books that were with the little girl during her illness. The little girl learned that one is not often thanked for doing what must be done.
Rabby, gone...but not forgotten. :)

What mess? It's Art!!! Yeh, that's what it is... :)))

Awww, thanks Carla... what imp? You can't see the toads in the jar, can you?:)))

Amen! and thank you:)

He actually had a pink tummy too, but in the interest of design, some licence was taken. Yep, I think you could take it to the bank that she was up to something. I think you two could have been pals as kids.. she made a mean mud pie and liked to jump out of haylofts.

Enjoy, enjoy!! Oh those little girl days are precious, treasure them!

Rabby has been hanging in there for a long long time!

Hehehe! Look, his ears are in the mud!(I didn't write it... or the snips and snails part of the boy's one either...not my fault!!
What is a snip??!! Never mind, I don't want to know!!!:)))))

ellia said...

this is such a CUTE illustration!!! i love her tummy!!!! and her rabbit?! wow, its just so SWEET!!

LDahl said...

Thank you! I'm really happy you liked it! Happy New Year:)