Friday, December 23, 2005

Lantern, Lantern and Mistletoe


I would like to share my Christmas Present with you!!

Reagan Emory Dahl, December 21, 2005


carla said...

Congratulations...a Winter Solstice baby! So sweet and perfect:> I love your holiday painting - it's festive and a little impish with a medieval look. Have a very wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year to you and your family:>

ValGalArt said...

Congratulations and best wishes to the new addition! Your illo is adorable!!!! Happiest of days and warmest of eves!

Mick said...

I really enjoy the style of this one, Dahl. As Carla says, a little impish with a medieval look. It reminds me of certain illustrations from my childhood in a set of books known as The Junior Classics - full of old world versions of fairy tales, myths and legends. As for beautiful Reagan? Congratulations to you all!

Rick Lovell said...

What a wonderful gift! And the illustration ain't bad either! Hope you, Reagan and the rest of the family have a terrific holiday!

melba said...

Oh, how wonderful! and I love your did you find the time? Happy Holidays!

andrea said...

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your new little present.

Tiffy said...

Wow.. you have a very wonderful present. Congratulations

Ellen said...

Congrats on the lil bean! Lovely illo as well...happy, happy Christmas for all!

The Unknown said...

Congratulations Love!

vfm4 said...

who could want a more beautiful present! congratulations and i wish him a long happy healthy life.. prosperous sounds good to, i think... :)

Cate said...

That's the best present EVER! What a gorgeous, scrumptious, incredible little preson! Have fun delighting in every detail of Reagan, and congrats!

Also, "Lantern, Lantern, and Mistletoe" is fun and spirited--really captures the mood of the season (at least, the way it's supposed to be). It reminds me of the way I viewed the holidays when I was kid--all happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Have a lovely day! Hugs :)

Alexa Brett said...

Congrats! What a beautiful baby...And your illo is just perfect! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

Caroline said...

Lovely card - Happy Holiday to you!

How wonderful to have a solstice baby!

I hope you still manage to get some sleep.

Toni said...

Oh wow poping in to say CONGRATULATIONS!
What a wonderful bundle of joy. ;)
And love the old world look of your illustration.

cream said...

Great Christmas addition!
The rest will be great!

Lily and Lucy White said...

Lovely present! Thank you for sharing and best of Yule Time Cheer to you and yours!
Love the mistletoe, my sweetie, the Druid, agreed that this is the best way to get all the girls!
Peace and joy! Lily White.

Catnapping said...

congratulations! what a cutie!


Catnapping said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Solstice!

merlinprincesse said...

I'm so happy for you. I wish you and this child Peace and Happiness!

LDahl said...

Thank you so much everyone for each and every wish and greeting!
You are all such dear people and I have been blessed to have you all visiting me. I am glad so many people find the peace and love that is there for all, at this time of year, and can reach out to each other and give love and respect to everyone they greet. Thank you, I hope all your homes are warm and bright. Love~LD

miragee said...

Congrats Dahl! It must be the best Christmas gift for you! Lovely baby!

aynaku said...

hi, good illostartion as usual...conratulations!!!!will regan emory soon join IF soon? Planet Earth need artists!!
:o all my best

Zórdís said...

Congratulation on the little one. When you see such a perfect baby all around seems of less value but your illo is also beautiful of joy.

Merry Holidays ....

m.b said...

This is a beautiful illo! Very, very well done! Sweet faces, sweet sentiments.

And congratulations on the most special of gifts!

kan said...

the best present of all!

Anonymous said...

Now there's a "dahl" you won't find at Macy's. :-) Congradulations and enjoy God's greatest gift.

Anonymous said...

I love your card which has a traditional feel kissed with excitment. Of course your present Reagan is the best ever - congratulations!! My home is hot and blinding, but it's supposed to be that way at this time of year :)

Wilnara said...

Dahl, Your Card is absolutely beautiful! - but, Reagan tops it all!!!! Congratulations!!!!! to you and the family!!!! May the New Year continue it's blessings for you and may you continue to shine your talents so bright!

modroom said...

Congratulations. I too find this has a medievel feel. The image not the baby, babies probably looked the same then except their clothes.
..........:::::::::::: )

Mella said...

Congratulations! Beautiful!

Andrea said...


Jaimie said...

The card is lovely. So detailed and very charming. And the baby!!! I adore babies.
You must be in heaven.

Shishany said...

very well done card...Adorable present..Happy new year..

Maria Antunes said...

Congratulations for the special gift!

The card is lovely!

Happy New Year! :-)

Leezy said...

Sooooooooooooooo precious, just look.

Congratulations and what a beautiful blessing to you and your family, may peace find you all in wondrous and inspiring ways.

The card is another delight, too. I too, agree with Carla.

Happy New Year to you my friend!

kg said...

congrats - beautiful baby! what a wonderful way to start off the new year.


Alina Chau said...

Congratulation with the new born!! Soo cute!! Lovely illustration too! :) Happy new year!

Dee said...

They remind me of hobbits! Very adorable, with maybe a touch of mischief. Excellent colors.

Congrats on the newest addition.

LDahl said...

My little grandson is sooo sweet. He is a very happy and peaceful baby. We are all so thrilled with him (Yes I'm silly over him:))) But it isn't my fault...he is just so durn loveable!! He truly helped make this one of my best Christmas's ever! I hope all of you had a fantastic time where ever you live, whatever your special holiday was.
A special thank you, for all your most appreciated well wishes!

His great-grandmother was also a winter solstice baby and she was so thrilled he was born on her birthday. Our family had a great loss less than two years ago, so this baby was more than welcome... and he has his grandfathers initials, I think that would have really pleased him:)

Thank you my dear Pal!

Thanks!! I'm really happy you liked it, but even more, I'm happy I already had it started and the topic turned out to be holiday or I wouldn't have made it!

Rick Lovell
We did have a wonderful holiday, not the usual, but wonderful just the same.

Thank you Melba, I just peeked this week and didn't leave comments for the most time...also, as you can tell I am still running behind. A little bit longer and I hope to catch up:)))

Thank you Andrea, I really did!!

The best!!!:)

"lil bean!" I love that!!!

The Unknown
LOVE right back at you special one:)

I thank you for your wish, it was beautiful...are you a Fairy Godmother? :)

He is, he is...all that and more:))) Thank you dear!

"all happiness,

excitement, and enthusiasm...." I am determined to get there I have a prayer? Hugs to you too!

Alexa Brett
Lovely comment, thank you so much!

Yep, and all his fingers and toes:))) in the right places

Toni Kelly
Thank you Toni, I just had to share... I was in such a rush I didn't even think to add he was a boy and he is my youngest son's, youngest son:))) Just a lot on my mind and not enough time to catch my breath...too much to do.

It was Cream, a delight!! Hope your Christmas was wonderful too!!

Lily and Lucy White
Oh, Lily, you guys got it...heheh! IF people are so smart:))) Thanks for your wishes!

Thanks dear one!
"Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Solstice!" Yep, they were...Merry, happy and happy!

Another Fairy Godmother!!! thank you sweetie!

He was born safe and sound, he is doing awesome... That makes this grandmother very happy and relieved.

If he is like my oldest grandson(age 6) who is already hung permanently in an art center and also at the public library...I would say, yes, there is a good chance he is yet another artist joining the planet. Crayons for everyone!!!

Thank you Zórdís, what a nice thing to say!

Thank you, I really, really appreciated your comment:)

Joli Noir Perle

HEHE! Nope, they are special additions:)

Darlin' I forgot, you're down under...forgive me!? If you had our artic winds for a couple of days, not to mention the heaps of snow and the ice.... maybe the hot and blinding might not have seemed quite so bad. Now there's prairie fires south of us.
Hope your Christmas was perfect!

Thank you, thank you Sweet Wilnara, I hope you and your little ones had a very special day too:)

Hehehe! Oh, that was so funny... thank you for the laugh!!:))) Great comment!

Thank you Mella:)

Big A
Thank you Big A! Not abstract, but maybe this week, huh?

Time stood still the first time I held him, heaven? Yep, I would say so:))) (I love being grandma...can you tell?)I love you Nana Dahl is music to my ears and guaranteed to get you more cookies:)))

Thank you Shishany, best wishes for a great New Year to you too!

Maria Antunes.
Thank you,
thank you,
and thank you!!:)

Thank you so much my dear Leezy, you want to be a third Fairy godmother? You're in!! :))))

You know, I agree with you one hundred percent!!!

Alina Chau
Happy new year to you! Too much excitement here in the last month... I'm looking forward to some good old fashioned baby sitting next month:)))

Well, I love hobbits:)) Except for the hair on the tops of their feet... I would make them shave their toes:)))
Thank you very much for your comment.

Queen Tut said...

So adorable! How could your new year get any netter!

julieoakley said...

Lovely illustration but your Christmas present tops it - he's beautiful, such a gift. Happy New Year

Raymond Larose said...

Oh, congratulations on the little one and on the wonderful illustration! I procrastinated that one so long that I missed it. May great fortune shine on you in the new year!!!!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Congratulations on the little one.

Holly said...

Great name-that is my daughters name too! We spell it Reagen though. Very lovely gift indeed.

LDahl said...

Queen Tut
No, I don't think it could have been better!Happy New Year to you!!

Thank you Julie!! Happy New Year!

Raymond Larose
Thank you very much Raymond... Flavor, is the one I just about dropped...but durn, had to whip something up...I haven't missed one since I started, but it was close let me tell you:)))) Starting to catch up though!! YEAH!
Are you going to get lots of drawing done in '06?

Thank you Tony and Happy New Year. He is a charmer... to see him is to love him. I don't say that lightly, big old burly men act like big ol' teddy bears around him:)))

Thank you, how old is Reagen? I imagine her as a little sweetie:)
Hope you have a great New Year!

ecm said...

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! What a wonderful holiday blessing and gift for the new year! A hearty congratulations to you and your family! Reagan is, indeed, a work of ART...

Edna :-)

ChrisBrus said...

well well well, your family extended, that's great, my warmest congratulations.. i always loved those little ones.... :)

LDahl said...

Thank you Granfather:)
Bless your heart.