Sunday, December 18, 2005

What is memory
without memory?
Writing on the water
of time.


The Tart said...

SPEECHLESS......this is fabulous!
(taking a breath before I write...)

Wow, just wonderful and the worms below...I love them too...who knew a person could enjoy looking a worms and smile!

The Tart

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Wow! Awesome! I am dumbfounded and spellbounded by the beauty of this piece. Love the mystery behind it and your idea of getting your audience to involve in the imaginary process. The shapes and contrasts and colours (oh yes the different shades) kept me staring at it. A lot of imagination to experience writing on water. Very inspiring!

ValGalArt said...

i love this so much! the beautiful shapes and colours, it's a river, it's a womb, it's a heart! imagine that it is even more than we can see! beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

You've combined a range of disparate elements and turned them into a luscious whole. Beautiful.


Artymum said...

Yor work is truly lovely, inspirational. It's not often I comment but love all of yours so much.

Anonymous said...

Pondering his waning life:

"I've seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion;
Cee beams glittering at the Gates of Tannhauser.
All those moments;
Like teardrops in the rain.
Time to die."

Roy Batty from "Blade Runner".

Are our memories really lost after death? I certainly pray they aren't.

LDahl said...

Firey the angels fell...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who listened to the dialogue in Blade Runner. :-)

Lisa said...


carla said...

This is amazing and makes me think of Siddhartha's river that flows and flows yet is always there, at once the same yet always different. Your use of shape and color are extraordinary...this is something I could look at over and over and see something different each time.

Toni said...

ok now you have my jaw on the floor in amazement!

I love how it flows, intertwines, depth, and sheer beauty.
Love this piece! and ooh those colors!

LDahl said...

Thank you , what a nice compliment!!
Well, I'm a person that can even find spiders funny:)))

Christine Lim-Simpson
That means so much to me, thank you for the lovely feedback!

You are so right, all that and more...people are mostly water;)

Thank you, thank you:)

I'm so happy you did, somehow I've missed your page until now, and it is sooo special! Thanks for your comment,

...if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes...

I think that is the question that fuels so many works. But it is unanswerable, unless by faith.

(you can't wane... you've got too much to do!)

Thank you Lisa!

Bless you Carla What is it they say, you can't cross the same river twice. But you know it is all the same, so who's to say you don't cross every day:)))

You've made me all misty-eyed:)
Thank you for the beautiful comment.

andrea said...

It looks like a deeply-layered watercolour. Is it? It is so lovley -- functioning on so many levels -- so many interpretations and such sweetmness for the eye.

LDahl said...

It is watercolor, as you said, deeply layered. (in more ways than one:))) Painted on my favorite coldpress block. It is about gone and I don't think I'll be able to get more of that particular paper:(
Getting good brushes anymore is harder too. I still have some good sables, but to get new ones I'd have to sell my car:)))
Thank you for your comment:)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

This is certainly unusual, I don't know what to make of it.

Perriette said...

This is downright stunning! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I have written on water and it is like my memory. This explains why I don't visit you as much as I intend to. Please forgive me. And, NO, I not imagining things....again.

QweySpiral said...

just wonderful! 'imagine writing on the water of time' beautiful imagery

.:claudia:. said...

your watercolours are so beautiful..

modroom said...

That was weird.. was looking at your illustration and noticed your profile photo looking back at me with the same pose. No hat though. I like the writing on the water of time. My art history is'nt hot, but this reminds me of a mural style from the 50's maybe. I get the impression this would open out endlessly if it were moving. ...... .::: )

steve said...

Luv the organic folds, reminds me of Jim Burns color choices and combinations.


Lily and Lucy White said...

I have no patience – how will I be able to wait the whole week for the next Illustration Friday to see more of your art? What can I say – I am greedy.
This watercolor is beautiful and evocative. My response to it is very emotional and melancholy, but after staring at it for a while, when not a thought remains and just forms dancing – I feel energized and strangely optimistic!
More, more, more!!! And while I can’t help with paper, here is the link to Russian sable brushes – maybe you can keep your car yet! Lily

zordis said...

What is time, without time.

So nice.

Cate said...

The only reason I like Mondays is because of your blog!

I looked at this earlier and had to come back to it before commenting. I could stare at it for hours. Another commenter used the word "mesmerizing" and I would have to agree. To me, it's absolutely soothing and calming. The colors are stunning and there is so much to notice.

I just love your work!
(oh, and I love the prose beneath the picture--you always make me think!)

Andrea said...

Very cool! I love the abstract nature of it...of course, I would! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

beautiful colors, and i love the way the join to twist and bend creating such dynamic flows

Anonymous said...

Amazing ... just imagine this could be the memory of my bedroom ... sometimes I wish there hadn't been so many people sleeping in my room before me. It kind of gets crowded but the variey of different personalities is somewhat similar to your illustration. That's me with the blue pyjamas };-}

Giles said...

Cool shapes and colors.

LDahl said...

Chuang Shyue Chou
Make of it what you will, that is what is there for:)))
Imagine. Thanks for the smile:)

The Mysterious Poodle Circus
Thank you, the Pink I like:)
I understand completely!

Thank you so much for your comment, I loved hearing from you!
Your wax paintings are Awesome!! I have always wanted to try those, but decided I had to draw the line somewhere:)))

Thank you,I truly appreciate your comment:)

Yes it would open out endlessly if it were moving, right until it met itself...and then white.
Thank you for commenting!!

Thank you Steve! After seeing what you are doing, I want to say go and check out Digital Webbing, if you aren't already a member there:) See link on the side.
(oh, if you aren't a member now, lurk for awhile before trying to post,it's safer that way:)))) Jim Burns huh? WOW!

Lily and Lucy White
Bless you, what an awesome thing to say:)
How can I possibly respond to you in a way that this comment deserves?
I'm honored dear Lily, I'm happy you found the center of the painting.
Thank you so much for your comment and the link(it's a goodie:)
Oh, I'm so overextended now and snowed in and got boo-booed in a
dumb-but fall on the ice and family stuff has taken what is left of me...the art will come, the art will come...but not for a bit. Thank God for the computer or I'd go stir crazy... I know, Waaaaa!!!:)))))

Perhaps eternity, without human tautology.
Thank you for your comment:)

Cate, you are such a special person! You have a way of making me feel like people are just fantastic:)))
Thank you!!!!!

Big A
Yes you would dear one:) Thank you!

Thank you so much Anthony,
your comment makes me happy:) (I was afraid you would hate it)

Dear Anonymous, oh, I'm so happy to have this post from you!
I do understand what you are saying, I know what you mean.
And I know, you know, I know:))) Please do stay with us, you and your blue pajamas are always welcome. Just pop in and say "hi" ...anytime:)

Thank you Giles!!

Rachelle said...

This is a beautiful abstract illustration - so rich in color and textures. It envelopes you and takes you deeper and deeper ... just like a river would.

Wilnara said...

You've done it again!!! I've dived right in and found myself lost. I just got back! Your choice of colors just beautiful! I find my self intertwining within the lines weaving around to follow the various textures. I even find myself imagining the river of life and the human body! You have given the viewer the opportunity to go even deeper than a simple river! Brilliant!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Beautiful and mesmerizing. I love the flow and lines.

melba said...

wow.This is amazing , the colors and texture, the ripples...I feel the river.

The Red Son said...

As I have always said, Your work is fantastic! And see everybody agrees with me. :)

String said...

It is fab, they are right, what a beautiful illo. Such a pleasure visiting your blog.

kat said...

wow, this is gorgeous! i'm totally sucked in by the lines and colors, the twists and turns.

Anonymous said...

Hi };-}

Twisselman said...

Very rich and deep. Got lost in it. Real nice.

Urban Convert said...

Fantastically beautiful piece. I love you can lost in it, The colors are amazing.

cream said...

"Writing on the water of time!"
If only the river could speak!
Great illustration! Love the colours and folds...

merlinprincesse said...

It's a dream. A souvenir. A memory. It's organic and vegetal. It's what to want it to be. Like life. You can imagine what you want in this wonderful drawing. And you can imagine your life. Thanks to you, great artist!

modroom said...

LeDial, ta very mucho. I missed a previous reply of yours somewhere else I think.. did you mean you sometimes put a picture in the woods and leave it there? That's a genuine question as I think that's what you meant.....:::::: 0

LDahl said...

I got a beautiful new grandson today....WOW!!!!
He is fine and now I can relax:))), yes I was
so worried, but don't tell anyone:)
Pretty, pretty baby and so sweet!

You make me want to do more:)

Oh, Wilnara, you always leave me the nicest compliments:)

Cool Tony, glad you liked it!

Hey Melba, thank you so much for taking the time to visit:)

The Red Son
Thanks Rob:))) R.E.D.III:))))

Thank you, I am happy you visited and I am truly happy you commented:)

:)))) there is nothing like a "wow" to make my day,

Hi there! Glad you are still with us:)

Thank you, I really like your illos too, even when they are someone you cut off:)))

Urban Convert
Thanks for your really nice comment!

..asking "what" instead of "why"...
Thank you Cream!!

Beautiful words Merlinprincesse, thank you dear:)

"The Woods" is a section on my website.
I have left little bookmark paintings in library books for people to find and keep if they want:) But I have never left paintings in real woods.

Shishany said...

nice composition with nice words..

modroom said...

Oh, You mean the best woods in town! I've been there on my zigzag wanderings but not explored everything yet. That place needs to be savoured. "Basket of Light" by the Pentangle also conjures up woods for me. Best wishes L ........:::::: b

miragee said...

Wow, this is a great great painting. Even though I don't know what kind of message you want to convey, the colors and the lines are so powerful...

Aravis said...

This is gorgeous! I love the rich colors and shading.

gudbrandsdottir said...

This one is absolutely fabolous, great picture !

LDahl said...

Thank you very much!

Hey, I'm glad you like the Woods,
if you get lost, keep going, there
are more paths:)

Thanks for the wow:)

I'm so happy you liked it:)

Thanks!I'm happy you left a comment:)

m.b said...

Beautiful Colors! Very intereting piece.

LDahl said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your page is superb!

Alina Chau said...

AMAZING painting!

vfm4 said...

i've looked at it and again and again and i love it, but i love it even more if i turn it upside down..
i know, i'm a nutcase, but that doesn't change the fact... ;-)

merry christmas (or joyous winter solstice) to you, LDahl!

Mick said...

Hi Dahl,
Jeepers, this is fascinating and kinda creepy at the same time. Didn't I see something like this on CSI las' week? :D

LDahl said...

Alina Chau
Hey Alina, thank you:)

You are not a nutcase, in fact I congratulate you on your perception:)))

Merry Christmas (it was a joyous winter solstice, see photo above:)))18 minutes after midnight!) to you dear vfm4.

:D ... You should see my REALLY creepy stuff:)))
But, yeh, I do know what you mean, lots of things look like other things, it's all in you viewpoint.