Sunday, December 11, 2005

Worm was so surprised,
that ants were trying to get his snacks!!
That only goes to show, Worm wasn't very bright.


carla said...

Oh boy! I get to be first! I guess this is what happens after the caterpillar smokes his hookah..he gets the munchies:> Well, he looks pretty menacing, but I am sure he's not much of a match for an army of ants. Is that the mad hatter hiding beneath the mushroom? I love the watery background and the surfaces of the mushrooms. This is a fun one.

P.S. - did you get my email? I have printed out a lovely drawing for you:>

ValGalArt said...

i just love this!

juliemc said...


Catnapping said...

i love this one, too.

stingy worm! LOL...i love his face....he looks so pissed off! lol

Janet said...

Very the ants!(That intense Sunday night pressure really worked out!)

KaRLa said...

wawww, is a very nice composition

Anonymous said...

I am mostly surprised at worm having legs! Legged Worm has a squashable face - can just image the terrific squelch he would make if he managed to eat his snacks first. Mmmm, maybe I will eat the dohnut and keep the ants away with the crumbs };-}

merlinprincesse said...

This one is real freaky and strange. Many things to observe!!!!And as always , I love it!!!!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Superb characterisation of the creatures. Love the earthy tones in this illo. :)

Holly said...

This is great-so many neat things to look at with this one. It looks like he is not giving up those snacks without a fight. Well done. I do love your work! Cheers!

DeeJay said...

You are gifted my friend. Love your work so much, makes me feel young for some reason.

Amy Zaleski said...

I love your sense of humor! Boy does worm look pissed that those ants have encroached upon his territory and munchie time. Really, really funny and creative.

Queen Tut said...

wonderful character, I had a good giggle at the doughnut and coke that he is waiving about!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

That's one po'd looking worm. I love his shoes--which, I suppose, are perfect for stepping on annoying ants. Great job.

ratlion said...

Really like the style of execution here...Nice!

Lily and Lucy White said...

I have to second tony on the shoes comment – they are great!
I don’t think he (worm) look menacing, just super-grumpy, like some of those old farmers you see now and then in the Midwest, complete with a doughnut! Lily.

Cate said...

There is so much to look at in this picture! What a look of intense irritation on that worm's face. And of course, I love the caption.

Your ability to communicate emotion on paper AMAZES me! Even the greens you used remind me of a deep bruise--the ultimate in irritation!

modroom said...

Eeeh, a bit of a to-do going on here. Maybe if they organised themselves into different sittings for dinner this sort of thing would'nt happen. But the law of the jungle, or fairy woods, dos'nt work like that. I wonder if you ate at least one doughnut during the making of this.

violetismycolor said...

How wonderful...fantastical and charming!

andrea said...

Another charmer. You have sch a gift for this kind of work. Even htough it has such a traditional illustrative look to it, it isn't -- and that fast-food cup just goes to show ya!

Leezy said...

Wonderful and so magical. I love this! Now I am hungry.;)

cream said...

L, it's really beautiful! Naughty ants! The detail is amazing!
Well done!

The Unknown said...

WOW! Super cool illustration!

Wilnara said...

I almost feel bad for the worm. I love how intense he looks. He is very determined not to share! :-)

LDahl said...

SSSssshhhhh! Carla!!:)))
I'm sure he is just a middle management worm on break! Or one of the Worms from the computer lab, with a bad case of the munchies. Yeh, that's right... :)

Yes, finally I looked in the right place-duh! We got through this day, now things might get back to normal so life can go on and I can get back to my projects:)
I'm so looking forward to this, something nice!

Cool! You are a sweetie:) Bigtime!Thanks for the email, you really were a Godsend today!

Thank you so very much!

Thank you Catnapping:) I loved your comment about being a stingy worm:)))

If you only knew my dear, if you only knew:)

It was my challenge...that booger-awful compo. I was really kicking myself halfway through:)))

No, no Anonymous...he's taken a bite out of it already! WORM GERMS!!! Bleck!POOIE!!!Get his cookie!!!
Don't worms have legs?!? I thought it was just spines they were missing???:)))Worms don't have legs??

I'm beginning to suspect you all kind of have some room in your hearts for good-freaky and fun-strange:)) My kind of people!!

Christine Lim-Simpson
Thank you for your very nice comment, I do appreciate it:)

Thank you so much Holly. No, I think those snacks will go down with the ship as it were:)))

Yeah! You made my day!!:)

Amy Zaleski
He is totally po'd hehe! No sympathy for worm or ants, I just called 'em as I saw 'em!

Queen Tut
And he isn't going to let go of any of it!
Thanks for the fun comment.

That or giving them a good kick or two! He is sooo PO'd, righteously indignant even!!

Thank you, I'm so happy you liked it!I really like your name:)) (I'm a Rabbitlion)

Lily and Lucy White
( super-grumpy, like some of those old farmers you see now and then in the Midwest)
Well now, little lady, them there farmers were ol' boys I knew jus pretty durn well... Dad burn ants, thinkin' they can just come in here and take a workin' man's hard earned snacks... ain't happenin' I tell you! heheh!

I figure if I do it another time I'll have most of the bugs worked out.
It amazes me that you notice:)You're catching me at my tricks:)))

If you go down in the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...yes eventually this will end up in the woods. I have had a spot there for it for a long time and have put this project off. IF gave me the push I needed to get cracking on it.
No doughnut for poor me, nasty worm wouldn't share...I did get part of the apple though:))) Trick is, you just have to be meaner than the worm and faster than the ants!

Thanks!! I hope it gave you a chuckle.

I love the traditional illustrations, and trained in the commercial arts,and then later in the fine arts. But first and foremost I love, LOVE art...of all kinds. Anyones is all wondrous to me. So I can do most of it one way or another, except I can't throw pots:( I don't know why that is...but I just can't do it! I kills em! I finally gave up...rotten pots!!!
Over the years, ideas have blended and I do what pleases/interests me. I hate being put in a box, I'm just too rebellious:)))

ANT ALERT!!! Just kidding... you really scared that old worm though...heheh!

Thanks Cream...You're a dear!!

THANKS Unknown!! Super-love to you!!

No peace for the W... ah, Worms...hehehe! Thanks for the comment, you have such a kind heart:)

aynaku said...

dear ldahl, thank you very much for your comment on "max"...
Actually the whole story is absolutely true, i was stunned at the news about him
and very surprised too about the coincidence with IF weekly topic...
your illo is beatifull...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Very cute and funny!! (And sad?)

Wonderful work, amazing to be able to do that in such a short time!

Beautiful. Mary

Andrea said...

Very nice. I love the worm sized soda cup with a bendable straw! Bravo!

Rachelle said...

This is a great illustration. I especially love the background. Love your style. Do you mostly use watercolors or is some of it done digitially?

String said...

Lovely and humorous.

Aravis said...

Absolutely wonderful, and beautifully done!

LDahl said...

Wow, sad and surprising. Life and art, huh?
Thanks for your compliment:)

Rush job I'm afraid. Thanks for visiting Windy Nights!

Big A
Thank you Big A, glad to see you again:)

I work in thirds right now,one third drawing, third watercolor, then finish it up digitally.
Some of my design work is all media and some is all digital, it just depends on how it is going to be used.

Thanks!:) I appreciate your comment.

Thank you so much!

Toni said...

Oh my I doooo love this!
love the colors in the background. and the characters are just adorable.
Worm does look a bit mean but then he is trying to hold onto his food.

LDahl said...

Thanks Toni, do you think he looks too mean? I really wanted him to look frustrated and aggravated, maybe even grumpy...but not mean.

Jaimie said...

Just beautifully done. I adore your work.

Anonymous said...

If you tell him he's CATerpillar he might notice he has legs and be meaner and faster ...

Alina Chau said...

beautiful fun illo!

vfm4 said...

what can i say.. all your illustrations are lovely and so is this one... what surprises(!) me is the power of the classic (alice) form...

but as i said, lovely!

Toni said...

He definitely looks grumpy. I think it's the furrowed brow and the teeth that makes me think he looks mean.
That is not a bad thing. It's how he is suppose to look.

You amaze me with your work. Wish I had your imagination and was able to paint it like you do.

LDahl said...

Jaimie I adore yours! Your world is fantastic!
Thank you so very much:)

C. O. Worm knows he is a CATerpillar.
It's the reason why he's rude.
He fears he'll become a common Miller,
so he's evolved an ATTitude.

Alina Chau
Thank you!

Thank you, it is meant to go into the Wonderland setting in Windy Nights... but it still needs more work before then.

Toni Kelly
(ok, cool! Thank you so much for the feedback)

And thank you so much for your comment..argg, you have no idea how much I envy you your clear eye and ability to create such perfection.

Jaimie said...

oh thank you for your very kind comment on my surprise painting. I just looked at your profile and saw one of your favorite books was confederacy of dunces. Mine too!
When walking in New Orleans a few years ago I came upon a life size sculpture of Ignatius Reilly. delightful.

Urban Convert said...

One of my favorite characters, and though I know he's rather grumpy I never imagined him quite that grumpy. His pipe must be empty. Great job on 'blue' as well. Thanks for your comments on my 'surprise.'

Raymond Larose said...

Wow!! Can I say more than that? This work talks to much to me!! I can't express how much I love this one.

Jane Doe said...

This is charming beyond words. I don't know if I'd count the worm out as of yet - he just needs to eat faster or learn to share.

LDahl said...

I wonder if the sculpture of Ignatius Reilly is still there? :(

Urban Convert
He is just like a two year old who is a slow eater and the other toddlers are through their snacks and now are after his! :))) (yes they do make this face and KICK)

Raymond Larose
Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Jane Doe
Yep!!! :))) Thanks for your comment:)

Perriette said...

Where is that pesky rabbit when you need him? This is beautiful.

LDahl said...

Thank you dear Pink Poodle, the rabbit is in the castle hiding from all the snow that got dumped on Wonderland:)))

Giles said...

Wow, I love this image! That caterpillar character is excellent. I think this may be my favourite image of yours so far. Nice!

LDahl said...

Hey Giles, thank you, I'm really happy you like the poor grumpy guy:)))

Kyra said...

I think I'm in love with this illustration. Quite yummy. :)

LDahl said...

Thank you for stopping by! I am really enjoying reading your page!!