Sunday, December 04, 2005

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
~William Blake


Emily said...

Beautiful and fascinating illustration...and love the Blake poem. Great piece.

ValGalArt said...

lovely seahorse and quote!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OOOOoh, that\s really pretty--I love the color. I used to raise and breed seahorses, but they weren't that color! Mary :-)

Ellen said...

Another one of my weaknesses...seahorses. This is wonder-full!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful seahorse, he has a glowing! He appears to be encompassed by coral; is this sponging? This image would make exquisite enamelled jewellery. Where I live used to be famous for its seahorses ... not any more - blue :(

carla said...

You have really captured the Romantics' notion of the Sublime that Blake expresses in his lines...the idea that nature can fill the "participant" with a "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" (Blake). This fragile-looking seahorse, perhaps fossilized, very still and very perfect, holds within it all the mystery and power of the universe... The background looks like mica, and the glow around the seahorse gives it an otherworldy beauty. Oh...this was worth the wait:>

vfm4 said...

as a child i thought that seahorses were fairy tale animals, not really existing, but i thought that too of those big beaked tucans.. and then, one day at a zoo, there they where...

ever since to me they are proof that miracles exist.....

to paint it blue makes it even more miraculous... lovely, lovely! :)

ChrisBrus said...

this electric blue is beautiful! you're a fantastic artist..

Toni said...

I look forward every week to see what you post and I'm not disappointed.
You have captured this sea-horse in time and the quote
is eloquent.

Jaimie said...

absolutely beautiful.

Cate said...

The seahorse is gorgeous. I love the range of blues, especially the "electric" one.

I also love that Blake quote. Very thought-provoking.

DeeJay said...

Simply beautiful.

andrea said...

Perfect marriage of poetry an image. (I usually just steal a line to title mine.) This image gives a clue as o the delicacy of life and the endurance of time. Lovely.

Amy Zaleski said...

Wow! This is truly beautiful. What was your technique?

Tony Sarrecchia said...

That's great. How did you do it?

Debbie said...


Jeope said...

First-time visitor, and I have to say how impressed I am. Wonderful illustrations, this one and all that I've seen so far. Very, very nice work.

kay susan said...

Lovely illlustration. This is such a gorgeous blog! So glad I found it. Thank you for your nice comments.

Courtney said...

beautiful textures and the blue adds enchanting mystery.

Steph/Khya said...

Very beautiful! It all works soooo well together with the quote!

cream said...

Feels real! Another great illustration, L.
Eternity in an hour!

Holly said...

Really love this. Great quote. Cheers!

Lily and Lucy White said...

My turn -- WOW! Lily.

LDahl said...

Thank you Emily, I appreciate your comment!

Thanks! I love Blake.

Mary, I am LOVING your blogs... You must be so talented in so many areas. Thanks for commenting!

Thank you! I love seahorses too!

Thank you Anonymous, I think that they are in trouble all over. Sad!
I tried to make this one a cross between live and fossil; and it did make me think of enameled piece too. My sister and I are learning to make jewelry for fun... I wish I could make a piece like this.

Thank You so much Carla, you really seemed to read my mind. I am always so touched by Blake's poems and this one touched on everything I was thinking about blue, the world is blue from space, the idea of heaven makes me think of the blue of the sky. If I think of wildflowers, I always remember the spiderwort that grew on the farm I was raised on. It is an impossible glowing shade of blue.
The whole world is a flower, you can encompass the universe in a grain of sand... eternity, to me is a high blue note.
(on another note, your wand is turning out beautiful!!)

That was the sweetest comment! Yes, miracles do exist... sometimes right under our noses, sometimes where we've looked before and didn't see. Thank you for your childhood remembrance:)

That was very kind of you to say sir. I appreciate it and I am enjoying learning about your life.:) You have a very special grand-daughter.

Toni Kelly
Oh thank you Toni, I almost was afraid to post this one. You people give me such confidence with your understandings. I am so grateful to have found such beautiful people in the world.

Thank you Jaimie!!

Thank you, the quote is a favorite, it is so small and yet holds so many thoughts and feelings.

Thank you so very much for your comment!

You said... This image gives a clue as to the delicacy of life and the endurance of time....
Thank you Andrea, I read the comments about this far down before I just lost it and started crying, this was hard for me to post, as the original work was started just a short time before a very, very sad and horrible time in my life. This was a healing for me to finish it up and post. There are so many layers of thought here, for it to be understood, really makes me misty-eyed. So thank you very much.

Amy Zaleski
Thank you Amy:) Magic!! :))) Actually I did the original drawing for another project a few years ago.

The usual, drawing, watercolor, and computer. I could probably recreate it with egg tempera, but it would take a LOT longer:))
Spoiled with computers I am:))) thanks for your comment!

:) Thank you!

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I peeked in on your site yesterday before the servers went down, you really do a lot of nice, nice work.

Kay Susan
Thank you, I love what you are doing... I am jealous of your talent with fabrics!

Thanks Courtney, I'm a texture freak!

Thank you, you make me glad I posted it! I am thrilled to find your site, I'm learning wire wrapping so Ive really enjoyed seeing what you are doing! So many beautiful pieces!

Thank you Cream! Not enough hours this time of year, eh? I need a clone or two:))) Thanks again my friend... :)

Thank you Holly!

Lily and Lucy White
Thank you Lily*blush* !!!
My thoughts of so many things are being changed by IF and the people involved, I am so grateful to you all.

Anonymous said...

that turned out very cool. it has a cave painting look to it, but with more detail. did you do this on a geode?

Gerald said...

Nice touch, was this your entry for Illustration Friday - "blue"? Love the textures.

LDahl said...

It is just a painting. It's funny though that you should mention a geode, I was thinking when I was working on it that this should be as if you broke open a stone and found this inside like a fossil. I loved geodes as a kid, you never knew what you would find when they were opened. I can so see me painting on a cave wall! Except being lost in a cave seems like the worst nightmare in the world!

It is for the IF "Blue", I guess I should have said. :( Thanks for the comment.:)

merlinprincesse said...

I just can say that I love everything of this. The colour, the drawing, the mineral aspect! Yep love it! A moving image...

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! This is beautiful!! Great work.

Queen Tut said...

What beautiful blues you have used and it really looks like the real thing!

Andrea said...

oooo, very beautiful! The blue is gorgeous. Bravo!

bee'nme said...

What a lovely, powerful image and Blake quote. I'm so glad I found you in the sea of entries! I've been delighted to review your other works and stories as well - breathtaking!! I will seek out your work from now on!

scott said...

yes this is a spunky work. they are one of my favs as well.
really nice treatment of the subject and the surround, or background.
and blake's immortal words, if only more people would stop to think what they are trying to say.
I will post some more drawings soon that are dealing with this exact thought, as half remembered in my head.
thanks for bringing his words back up out of the mists of time for me.
see you soon
love scott

scott said...

oh and so deliciously blue.
and gold, so beautiful they are together.
thanks for the work. I love it

LDahl said...

:) :) Happy that you wrote this comment!!
Thank you...:) I love it when you visit!

Alina Chau
Alina, thank you so very much!!!!WOW,you really made me feel special:)

Queen Tut
Thank you, I really fussed with it a long time.
I really wanted it to be something extra.

Big A
Hey, thanks for visiting! I'm glad you liked it!

I'm glad you found me too:) I know what you mean, every week I "find" someone I can really connect to, it is so exciting to find a whole group of "my people". I feel like I've come home at last.

What a beautiful, well written comment, this whole IF thing is like a torch we pass around every week.
Amazing! Thank you again for the words of encouragement!

donnachada said...

Beautiful illustrations. really lovely. Thanks so much for leaving the nice comments on my blog. I'll definately be back to visit.

Harrison said...

Hey LDahl,
Gorgeous illo! When I went on a triolybyte dig with my bro many moons ago (he dug, I practiced trumpet on the mountain top...don't ask) they wouldn't necessarily find seahorses persay, but a bluey inky solution was used to clarify the creepy crawlies' lines. The memory shot back through my cerebullum immediately when I saw your pic. Have a soft spot for Blake too. niiiiice.
Thanks for your comment btw! Love the feedback! Peace!

Raymond Larose said...

How very wonderful!! Your work just pops off the page at me!

Janet said...

When I see your name on Illo. Fri. every week, I know it will be something wonderful before I even click the mouse! ( I also thought of a cloissone pendant, when I saw it.)

LDahl said...

Thank you, I'm happy you visited me:)

How interesting! I sure wish I knew what the solution was. We have lots of Cretaceous fossils here, but alas no trilobites. (I have wanted one since I was a kid, but they are way older than what is exposed here.)I wonder if it was just good old fashioned bluing? It was about that color. Sounds like you have had some fun experiences...oh, I WANT to ask:))) but I won't...*pout*
Thanks for the great comments!!!!

Raymond Larose
Thank you so much for your comment:)

Great compliment Janet, but the new word is tomorrow. My weekends are usually filled with family, so the pressure is pretty intense by sunday night:))

Fancy World said...

What a wonderful expression and brilliant art work!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I think this is the most accomplished piece I have seen so far. The use of colours, the textures and finally, the rendering of the subject. Truly astounding. Heheh. How long did it take you?

And of course you quoted William Blake! Have you seen the pieces he painted? There is a bewitching and haunting quality about some of them.

modroom said...

Woooaaa, missed this last week. The seahorse has an embryonic feel and the background is like Earth from space.

LDahl said...

Fancy World
Thank you and thanks for stopping by:)

Chuang Shyue Chou
I'm not quite sure how long it took totally. Probably around eight hours. I worked on this in bits and stages so it is easy to lose track:)
I learn more about Blake all the time, (also in bits and stages:)))
Interesting and astounding man. I still like his poems best of all he did. He was able to put a world of thought into a few words.(rather like your do with your paintings)
Thanks for your much appreciated comment!

You are so right!! Cool! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment:)

ellia said...

your illustrations are just so lovely and professional!!! your small pc though, is the first pc i think of whenever i think of illustration friday- no lie! :)

St John Street said...

I love the colours here your work is excellent I love to get some advice from some who is extremely better at colour than myself to aid me my own works I just found your blog but will continue 2 come back

LDahl said...

Thank you Ellia, what a wonderful thing to say!

St John Street
Hope to see you again! I love color too much I think. :)))
thank you for your comment!

Nabeel said...

very very nice mate ......
so are the sea horses taking over the world? i mean what's the meaning behind this painting?

LDahl said...

Thanks, no I think it is more like we have taken over their world.
I was once scraping my daughters plate of uneaten food into the trash. I was thinking how awful it was to waste the food, when I heard a voice in my head say, "Nothing goes to waste, birds, bugs, worms and microbes all need to be fed." Suddenly I realized how much of a sense of "human" entitlement I had.