Friday, February 02, 2007

I've had the flu and so has my computer. We've both
been really tired and crashing about. I got a new
power supply for Mr. Computer today, so he's
cool and much happier. I'm starting to feel better
too, so I'm going to try to get emails answered and
something posted here....... sorry I'm so behind
with everyone, I haven't forgotten you!

Here is Toby, he's been asleep in a little Spanish
leather box every since I made him. A few days ago,
by chance, I found someone who is a professional
costume designer and she may be interested in
making him more that just a head. I'm working
hard to tempt her! Toby wants out of the box!


Cate said...

I'm so happy to meet Toby! He looks like a handsome, happy fellow--he deserves to be out of the box!

Hope you are feeling better soon! xo

Hellcat said...

Give him some clothes and let him out! I'll nap in the little Spanish leather box so long as it keeps quiet };-}

carla said...

Did you read One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Toby reminds me of the old grandmother who kept getting tinier and tinier as time went on along with losing her eyesight and hearing. She was so small that the choldren would dress her up in doll's clothes and push her around in a carriage. It upset her terribly, but she wasn't able to protest because she was so old and frail. Now Toby looks a lot more robust than the old grandmother, but there's something about his face peeking out from his swaddling that made me think of that. He's quite life-like! How did you make him? He looks like he might just start talking to you!

Sorry you've been under the weather...and i bope you're feeling perfect real soon!

tlc illustration said...

And what a delightfully impressive head he is too!

Chris.P said...

He looks great. Nicely observed features. How did you do the eyes?

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...
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Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Toby looks very eager to get out of the box. He's a real character face. ;-)
Hope your recovery is from now on a speedy one,
all the best!

(Sorry, I deleted the previous post since my comment had been incomplete.)

ValGalArt said...

very wonderful! i hope he gets a body and a life!!!

merlinprincesse said...

You're good! :)

DeeJay said...

OMG! Is Toby nakie under there?



Cream said...

I do not know whether to like him or be frightened by him!
Great work...

aynaku said...

Toby got such a peculiar face! Well done, I wonder how you made it, I mean it is fiberglass, clay....or?

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

It's so good seeing you visiting my blog again, and my heartfelt thanks for your sweet comments. Makes me happy, seeing somebody enjoys looking at the memories I caught on camera.
I hope both you and your computer are doing fine again!
Spring-like greetings from Vienna,
(who's looking forward to new pics from you!!!)

josiah gordon said...

Hello, thanks for the comment, I looked at most of the stuff you have up here and it looks really great. It looks like you're having fun which I think is the key to it all!

LDahl said...

Cate I'm starting to feel better.... and starting to get my work caught up! Poor Toby will have to live in the box a bit longer though:)

Hellcat... OK, but NO *vomits* allowed! :))))

Carla, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? No, but I hear it's a hard one to read as there are quite a number of people to keep track of.
He's made of Sculpy.... If I turn him a bit you would see another side of his personality and then you would know the children would have their hands full trying to push him around.

Tara, he would really be much happier with a body though...poor Toby.

Chris.P.... his eyes are hand blown glass. Hard to keep them even as they tend to wobble about!

Merisi, he wants to go to Venice someday:)))

ValGalArt, he hopes so too... maybe the project after the next, he may make it yet!

Merlinprincesse, ((((You're good! :)))) That's what my grand-daughter says after I give her candy...hehehe!

DeeJay .......OH, GIGGLE!!!!!! YEP!!!

Cream, Frightened of Toby? Oh you must have an idea of how he looks if I turn him a bit... He can change his expression... I'm almost tempted to add a picture here to show the darker side of Toby.

Aynaku, thanks.... he is made of a poly-clay.

Merisi..I visit all the time.....wouldn't miss visiting blogger friends, even if I don't have time to comment (or my brain is too dull to make written sense:)

Josiah Gordon, thanks, more and more, I just do what I find fun.... I've done too many things in the past that weren't fun at all, and I'm beginning to believe that life is too short.

ksklein said...

wow. he looks so real. looking at him, i can´t imagine, that he´s not aliv. great job!

LDahl said...

Ksklein, Thank you! I really enjoyed bringing him to 'life':)))
I've had little kids do the quick poke to try to get one of my dolls to blink... that's when I know I've done a good are usually scared of them, but that's OK, 'Cause the dolls are even more terrified of kids.