Monday, March 05, 2007

Hid,hide, hidden...

Night deepens,
And sleep in the villages;
Sounds of falling water.


carla said...

Hello, Lilah! It's funny... I see faces everywhere when I'm not looking, but sometimes my eyes shut down when I try! I am too spellbound now by the texture,,, it's ancient and crumbling and rocky, but the blue lends a freshness, like a speckled bird's egg. I'll come back soon to search for faces. Tonight, I'm just going to enjoy the holistic experience:> I hope you're doing well!

Ammon said...

Thisis really great. I had to look twice to make sure that I was not seeing things. I think that you are very talented. This piece is awesome.

simon said...

Wonder ful art for sure!

do you sell your works? Muddy red shoes sells hers on line, and I bought one! :o)

Emma said...

Gorgeous and subtle: excellent work!

md said...

great concept and very subtle

Toni said...

Lilah, are you trying to make my brain hurt this late at night. I feel like Carla ;) but lets see so far I see three and lots of mushrooms.
My daughter in law would love it just for the mushrooms.

At least now I don't feel like i am sinking. Will I make it to shore? perhaps the two of us will by summer i hope.

Kim Carney said...

Lilah: love the words, love the image and I see many faces. for a moment I saw a kissing couple and now I can't see them ;(

Detlef said...

I'm always seeing things. This very organic and earthy, a colour palette which I adore.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

So beautiful (and so happy you're back posting!), I have to come back at night, to look for all those faces.
And off with the gondola (you're are invited, did you see?),
sunny greetings,

Diane Duda said...

this is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Very itriguing. Love the muted subtle colors. The hidden faces add interest. Very beautiful.

Michelle Lana said...

This is beautiful! love the colors and very very earthy indeed! great.

ValGalArt said...

Incredible and stupendous! I love the idea and you did a magical and amazing job!!! LOVE THIS!

Cream said...

So many faces! A few Rolling Stones too.

LDahl said...

Hello, hallo Carla... Didn't mean to fuzz up your eyes.... drat fairies will do that you know, pop in and out of your sight. They're hard to catch, but that's what makes 'em magic..... I mean, if you could just look and there they were as big as life, it wouldn't be a big deal to see a fairy, now would it? See you by the pond tonight?

Ammon thanks, there are a few that hold still long enough to easily catch sight of :)

Simon, thank you so much! Yes I do sell some of my work, I have plans to do more with my Little Footprints blog when time allows. Soon I hope, so check back!!
Muddy Red Shoes does beautiful watercolors...lucky you for getting one (you have good taste!)

Thank you Emma and MD!'s to summer then, and lots of fun swimming in de ole river 'till we meet on the shore:)) I've got some Fizzies around here somewhere for headache:)))

Kim, first you see them, then you don't...bloomin' fairies!!!

Detlef, I believe you.... and very delightfully strange things you see too:) (This is my favorite palette also)

Merisi....YEAH! My dream coming true....thank you! :) Meet you outside of Henrys' (We won't go in)heheh!

Thank you very much Diane Duda!

Michelle ~♥~

Michelle Lana thank you!

ValPal.... now I know what you like *hehehe!* You think I've forgotten, but I haven't!

Cream ... And some moss, don't forget the moss! Have to polish those stones somehow!

kg said...

ooh, this is wonderful! i saw one face right away, then i saw what i *think* might be a pair of shifty eyes, and then another face. i could marvel at this piece all day.

Helen said...

Just beautiful.

Wilnara said...

It's great to be back and to be rejuvenated with such a wonderful piece. I found about six faces but, I dont know if my imagination was going wild. :-) This would look great in my sitting room.

Tony LaRocca said...

Proving I'm a dweeb, the first thing that hit me was that it was a collage of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Don't listen to me- you do such beautiful work.

LDahl said...

KG...heheh, you got the shifty-eyed part! Good goin'!

Thank you Helen!

Wilnara, so good to have you back...we've lost some people... I'm glad we didn't lose you! And no, you're not seeing things, well you are, but they are there:)))

Hey Tony, I can totally see it! It's Leonardo! Let's get pizza! I should have put the rat dude in there too.......hehehe!

tlc illustration said...

Cool piece Lilah. Love the textures and depth - lends itself to seeing all *kinds* of things! :-)

anne said...

wow. what an interesting painting of the "hidden faces" takes a while to find them, a few you find immediately, but there are more out there.

you are such a talent and i love your work! wonderful.

thanks for sharing.
all the best,

LDahl said...

Hi Tara... ut-oh...what are you seeing? Heheh!

Thank you Anne!

Anonymous said...

I love your organic coloured and shaped water colours!

This is second attempt to count faces, but still waiting for broadband so whole enlarged image loads!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Nine, and counting.
There's one, where my imagination found first a little sleeping animal that later morphed into two faces. The whole seems to be a collection of shifting images, appearing and disappearing, metamorphosing. My dentist would love this: She glued Eschner drawings on the ceiling, quite entertaining to stare up to. ;-)

LDahl said...

Anonymous...Thank you! Expect an email from me:)
(warning!!!warning!! heheh!)

Merisi, Wow, you've done really well!
I like to do things that only 'read' out of the corner of your eyes. Sneaky and childish of me I know...but then, I can be sneaky and childish...give me a cookie!!!

get zapped said...

This is splendid! I really like the textures and colors. And what a clever piece. I could only find 4 faces, but I'm sure there are more. Nice haiku.

LDahl said...

Hi Get Zapped and thanks...oh yes, many more, but you have to look in the bigger one I think to be able to see them.