Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tangeriene Queen and Bubble Snails on the Pond-in-Dreams


simon said...

Whoa! such a contrast to the previous one! (the colours)

What sort of medium do you use?
Love it!

LDahl said...

Yeah...can you tell I have a bit of a split in my personality? heheh!!!
I love subtle, elusive colors, I love loud, brash colors...not willing to give either of them up. I think, why should I? I'll just do both. :p
They both are watercolors. When it gets warmer I hope to do some oil painting(my favorite)...must be able to get good ventilation for working in oils...tooo smelly.(I like the smell, but one must think of others that might not like the fumes as well as I do.)

Anonymous said...

A delicious plate!

Use vegetable oil to clean brushes when working with oils which can help the level of fumes :)

simon said...

I love contrasts too. eg the contrast of desert, with that of the ocean. I guess I like extremes.

So don't give up either of them. :o)

I had a look a your web site too, and the portrait of the witch in the earlier entry!

As for oils and the smell, I grew up with it, so I like it.(as well as dust from pastels and the fixing agent!)

a said...

beatiful watercolor and haiku-style title..I like both colours and composition...(by the way I love the scent of fresh oils painting...:)

vfm4 said...

what a lovely aquarel this is!

most of the time i'm on here, on Flickr... :-)

Cream said...

Beautiful watercolour! Fresh!!!

LauraBraga said...

the last painting is amazing!!!
my best complimets!!
do you use watercolor for your wors??


Toni said...

Yea you are painting more. Doing better than me. I love seeing all sides of you. Makes you interesting.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Beautiful picture and prose.
The green, the orange, the aquamarine blue, the earth tones, I love them all (the proof is in my linen dresses *g*).
I walked through the city park today, right after after a short rain shower, when the low sun broke through the cloud cover, painting the young grass a green your leaf reminds me of.

LDahl said...

Anonymous, I am going to try that tonight!! It's Monday again and I have a few hours to do something 'for me!!!'. We had a couple of days of cold rain, but today it is warm and lovely, so if need be, I can leave the door open. It would be great if vegetable oil works... and if you say it does, then I'm sure it will:)

Simon, I know what you mean, the materials and media are as loved as a fine line:)

Aynaku, it is really a great smell isn't it? Linseed and copal.....yum!

vfm4, thank you for stopping by and letting me know where to find you! I've seen your photo's, they are telling little stories! How cool! Like sequentials!

Cream yeh, well you should see the one I did this weekend when I was exhausted from work.....MUD!!!!! EEEEEEEuuuuuuuuuuww! TRASH! *see who-o-osh and shreading!*

Laura Braga, hi, yes, they are both watercolor, scanned and posted just as they were with no computer fixing:))) Thanks for your comment.

Toni, NOT better than Trying to get some posts in more often though......I've done something naughty for this weeks far I haven't had the guts to post might be just too much, or too wrong.... or just plain "should" be put away with the other learning things and not mentioned again:)))))

Merisi,even your posts/comments are filled with visuals....why aren't you painting?

Anonymous said...

So how was the vegetable oil? Alternatives do take a little more time (if you have it :)Wipe excess paint onto newspaper, then finish off with the oil and a rag. A lighter oil might be less work :))

Homo Escapeons said...

Yummy! I cannot ignore the subliminal power of the heart shaped leaf..and the purple/green scheme is dee-licious.
Good enough to eat.

simon said...

i agree about Merisi!

she has an eye.. so why not paint?

LDahl said...

Anonymous, I never got any further than the underpaint... I tried a different color(magenta) and then got led astray:))) I didn't do as I planned but I had lots of fun!!

Homo Escapeons, it was a color (warm/cool) exercise. ... a warm blue a cool green..etc.

simon , well she does in a way, with her camera. But I would love to see what she would choose to do, if she ever did paint..... is that creepy of me?

ValGalArt said...

WOW! Stunning!!! need i say more?

LDahl said...

Thanks Val! Do you think this would make a good oil? It might be fun to try to duplicate the watercolor feel.