Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I clicked the wrong
and lost all
of my friends links.

I can not believe
I did that!
I couldn't
get them back!

I feel like ...


Some days I feel like I just
should have stayed in bed.


simon said...

yes Lilah I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

LDahl said...

Like a dork, dork dork?!?! :)))
Oh well. I'm rebuilding my list and it is fun looking at all the past comments as I find "me buddies".

Merisi said...

I can feel your pain,
ever since I switched to Firefox, do I keep losing the link lists, mostly because I fail to save them properly (me and technology, I should have stayed with that little blackboard!). Good luck finding yours! :-)

LDahl said...

Oh the pain of it all, I used the links in my sidebar to visit you all, I didn't bookmark as they were right there on me little blog...but now I'm panicking...what if I can't find.... argggggg!
Thankfully I'm a save-aholic and saved the email notifications for when I got comments and I'm recovering some that way. I'll just do a few each day, but I'm afraid some might be gone forever.
I have to go now and sing the Dork song to myself again!

vfm4 said...

oh i know those days, glad to see you found a few links!
(like mine..)


Toni said...

Don't you just hate that when it happens.

Computer, internet, email, ... gotta luv em and hate em at the same time.

hey new header! like it

ValGalArt said...

i know how you feel pal :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Today was one of those days for me, I lost my cool. I should've stayed in bed.

I once lost piles of emails that had stories, anecdotes, that I wanted to keep.

All because I didn't store them away in the right place...that is, on a disk or a cd.

I hope my super-dorkiness makes you feel better.

LDahl said...

Vfm4, yours was one I was panicking about! I'm glad I found it too.

Hey Toni, thanks, it was a down and dirty "first attempt". I've alway wanted to change the header, now blogger makes it so easy, I had no excuse not to try it out. (Blogger also makes it easy to kill a side bar):))) You are so right, Love/Hate If the computer is supposed to make things so much easier, why does it seem like we spend more and more time on a computer?

Val, not for the first time have I pushed a button then a half a second later, wished I really hadn't...probably won't be the last either. In truth, this time hasn't been as bad as I thought, it will take time to recover my list, but it is rather pleasant time, yet another excuse to blog instead of ...oh say doing the dishes. :)))

GG, ho, I will have to run over and see what story will come of you "Losing your cool". Your stories are always interesting, and usually get me to thinking and remembering..... because, as you know, I was raised in the Jungles of Kansas... well I pretended the Sumacs, Catalpa and Snake bushes were my jungle. Cats became tigers and chickens became invested with powers. Ponds became coves with pirate ships lurking off shore. I had a bead collection that got buried in the sand more than once! My dog crew was very good at digging up the treasure. I was a very strange little girl!
Your visit made me feel better.

Common Tater said...

I obssess about keeping my drives operating at atleast 50% so I scrub them at the end of every day, defrag once a month, and eliminate folders that haven't been used for 3 months.

I do everything that I can think of to be nice to this gawdamn machine and how does it repay me?
Every once in a while it will decide to ask me for a password? What password I'm logged in you overgrown toaster! or refuse to open a program the one time that i really need to finish something and send it forward..and then the e-mail will act up and say that the connection is down but the little computers are flashing?

I know, I know, it's just a machine but because it can do such miraculous things I seem to give it more credit and talk to it like HAL in 2001.

I also have a rule to never EVER try to do something major to it in the spontaneous bolts from the blue delivering whispering voices in my head telling me that YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THAT D'UH!
Never even think hey I wonder what would happen if I clicked on this...don't touch that button..uh-uh nope, nope, nope.

Where would I be without system restore..sigh.

LDahl said...

Sweet-po-tater, you've kept to your word and come out of your bat cave into the desolate land of Shambles and Miss Pushdkeys (odd couple they are)I use Returnil which is awesome but it won't help me a bit when I have violated the Blogger Roll up yonder. We (that is the Editorial "We") will get you added to the list tonight of returning lost sheep, even though you have abandoned us for shabby reasons of your own.
(Punk says "Hi" to Hal.)
Don't be a stranger now, Y'hear?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

How did you lose that? What programme was there?

LDahl said...

--------------> The side "Rat Pack"
is what I lost Chuang, by now I've found most everyones' blogs and have it back.
(only has taken me about three days to make up for one wrong 'click')

bog_art said...

Some days I feel the same.. great recent job!.. your post of "Monday, September 29, 2008" is amazing!..

LDahl said...

Bog, thanks for stopping by, your comment gave me a smile at the end of a cold old gray day.

Merisi said...

Good morning, Lilah!
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and can relax over the weekend!

Imagine, I can't access one of my external hard drives a year's worth of pictures. :(

Hugs from V.,

Krimo said...

Looks like you've got all your friends back, L.
Great scream!

merlinprincesse said...

Some YEARS I feel I should have stayed in bed... :(

LDahl said...

Hello Merisi...I've had quite a crowd, it is a good thing I cooked for two days, because family and friend keep coming back for "re-runs".
Good, the food doesn't go to waste or waist!

Krimo, are you still escaping the cold and blowing? The geese are heading further south this year, bodes ill...if they abandon their normal winter pastures, I'm afraid it might get a bit bitter around here this year. I can only keep my fingers crossed that the aging furnace will not collapse into a wheezing pile of scrap before the winter is over.
I'm still finding friends and getting them back on the list. :)

Merlinprincesse, the last two for me!!(years that is)It didn't surprise me that this year was a pisser, rather expected it. How is your new kitty doing? Mine is so naughty!!! Why didn't you people warn me about their tricks?!?! Heheh!

Donn Coppens said...

What news have you of the outside world pray tell?

LDahl said...

Bitter, bitter cold the outside world is! And of course, I really needed to do some errands, so outside is where I had to go!ICK!!!!
All I wanted to do was huddle around the warmth of my computer(trying out some newly found art/paint programs).
Once again I have been invaded by my army of Grandmonkey Rugrats. Both their normal sitters have been hospitalized with pneumonia.
My soon to be new daughter-in-law has a lump in her neck, it was biopsied two days ago and we should have news of it in a week.
And you? What tidings do you bring from the north?

LDahl said...

Oh, I just visited your may be cold here but...I guess it might be in poor taste to mention peas at this point, or bag 'o peas or cold or point for that matter.
I'll shut up now...
...oh dear!

R2K said...

: )

simon said...

Merry Christmas Lilah!

ValGalArt said...

Hey pal, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Hugs from Topanga, x0x0 your pal valgal

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LDahl said...

Simon and Val...thank you! Computer was down over holidays but I'm slightly up now... as in, it's still having problems and will probably bite the big one. :( but the good news is my sons are promising to build me a new rig.

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