Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing Chicken

I've been working on a small collection of Ten Tiny Tales of Retribution. They are shamefully fun to write, and hopefully will improve my writing skills. They are each 55 words. It is really interesting to see how one changed word can affect how a story is perceived. Let me know what you think!


simon said...


LDahl said...

Simon.... thank you!!!
Really, your comment means a lot to me. I didn't know if these would be liked or not.

Jerri said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. It led me to your gorgeous, fascinating work. The 55 words stories are fantastic.

Thank you, too, for the good luck wishes. I need them, and since I didn't know you were out there reading, your comment feels like a beautiful little paper crane sailed into my lap to help grant my wishes.

Jaimie said...

I like this very much. Both the painting and the clever little story.

carla said...

Oh my! I am going to make sure I'm always on my best behavior in the grocery store! What a great kttle story - short, but with real energy and a vivid image of the scenario. I love the painting:)

Here's something funny - I was thinking about you today and wondering how you are... and then you wrote on my blog! I hope you're well! xox

ValGalArt said...

Hey pal, how the heck are you? I would say pretty good due to this very cool project you are immersed in :) so good to hear and see from you!

LDahl said...

Jerri, your blog is not only fun to read it is informative too... I am writing a story about a paper crane(told first person by a paper boat)! The thought that I am considered a paper crane by someone is very special. I have my fingers crossed for your project. don't know how glad I was to see your new paintings posted. I missed you.

Hi there Carla, I am better! I'm blogging again and am well enough to start thinking again:))) Thank you for your comment!♫

Hey ValPal! I'm thinking of you having a sunny warm day while snow blows outside my window and buries the spring flowers! Happy to see you stopped by here!

vfm4 said...

so good to see you! :-)

clever little story, especially how you made two words into one to stay within the challenge! :-)

and thank you for your comment on edible! right now i'm doing a series of 30 pics of the young bear on flickr. this is one of them... :-)

LDahl said... dentures... at least that is what "denture-filled" made me think of, an upper and lower plate. I could have done this a bit different, but after much studying and internal debate, I went with the hyphen. It is amazing how much attention to every word is given when your words are so limited.
You are one of my favorite toy photographers. Somehow you see the heart underneath the surface of toys.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Justice by poultry! You are so creative. I wouldn't know where to begin with an assignment like this. (The red button is tempting me)

LDahl said...

Thank you so much Kim, the last thing I have been feeling is "creative". I needed to hear that:)
Puts some starch in my britches and that is what I need to post the next couple of these. I like to write, but as I wouldn't call myself a writer, it does bring out the fear factor in me. A few words can have so much power.
I love your Dragon in your header, it reminds me of my favorite old book store.

tlc illustration said...

What a great project! Love the idea - love your execution of it. :-) (Retribution - so much fun :-)