Friday, June 25, 2010

IF: Paisley

I did have a good idea for paisley(at least I thought so). Visualize a wall with a newspaper tacked to it. Above a headshot photo of Harry Potter the headline reads: House Elf does what Dark Lord has been unable to do!

In front of the wall stands Kreature with smoking gun.  Kreature is wearing a hideously loud paisley toga, he looks totally disgusted and appalled.

The text reads:
Yesterday Harry Potter freed Kreature with a gift of clothes.

But then, I had second thoughts. Paisley always gives me a  migraine. :)))


Soozcat said...

HA! Love it!

LDahl said...

Heheh! Thanks:D

Andrew Finnie said...

Heh, now that's funny :) Harry Potter Eats Own Magick Dust". You know I don't mind harry potter since his creator learnt to write. It's amazing what a few million will do for your literary style. :) Thanks for the grandpa vote hair/no hair :) cheers

LDahl said...

:))) You are welcome Andrew. She is living proof of the axiom, you take care of quantity and god will take care of quality. I like Harry Potter world...but when I first heard about it, I couldn't even get through three chapters of the first book. PeuW! But, yeah, she improved. She ripped off every idea ever presented for the last thousand or so years of myth and stories, but so what, there is nothing new under the sun anyway, it is all presentation. I thought the last movie was poor at best. Hope the next one is better.

Alan said...

I have been touched by the underworld in my life. I saw Harry Potter had no clothes. I couldn’t look not having read the book.
(this is fun;-)

LDahl said...

Alan o0 .....!!!!!! :-D