Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm a proud mamma!

Check out my son's and friend's video. Youngest son Jon is the zombie. I think it's brilliant and I'm not being biased. Not one bit. :-) Brilliant I say!

An instructional video designed to prepare the "average Joe" to survive a zombie STYLE! These are all "hometown" boys. Jeremy Fiest  is in a film making class. This was made for an assignment.
Jon says: This is the long anticipated Zombie Clip that my friends and I made.
John Johnson provided his voice talents, Bobby Gamage was the zombie killer, Jason K recorded the audio, and Jeremy Fiest took credit for it. :p


Guyana-Gyal said...

Well done, boys! And I ain't just saying so to make this blogger feel good :-) The film looks like it was made by a pro.

LDahl said...

G-G, if you only knew what I know. :-D
Jon and Bobby have been making films since they were babies. Jeremy writes scripts that will take your breath away with their depth. John can impersonate so many voices you would swear he is inhabited by who so ever he is imitating. Jon writes short stories that makes grown people cry... and they all work together hand in glove... oh, and Jon and Bobby do special effect make-up. They have been to Hollywood and worked in films... etc, etc.
We've had a very fun time over the years. :-) John is John's cousin.
There is more of the Salina gang, but that is another story.

simon said...

I feel much safer now! lol!

Guyana-Gyal said... they are pros!

Merisi said...

Hilarious, love the voiceover! :-)

Hope you are alright!
Reread a comment of yours from 2009,
it still make me smile, thank you! :-)

LDahl said...

Hi Marisi! They got an A++ on it...I am hoping to get their newest one posted later today.
We had a brutal summer with triple digit days; in eight weeks only had three that were in the 90's... got as high as 113. Now it is day after day of freezing temps. :-D hooray for heating blankets and e-readers!