Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hope springs eternal....
...gone but not forgotten,
Hellcat and Anonymous.


ValGalArt said...

Hey pal! This is so beautiful!!! really beautifully drawn! Love it and your take on the theme!!!

carla said...

Oh my! What a tribute! That cat is out of control carzy...guess that's why she's a Hellcat:> Anonymous...she certainl assumes mythological status in this drawing! The look like they're truly enjoying some crazy rite of spring:>

Brian the Mennonite said...

Absolutely inspiring. I envy your talent. I am green...yet not so green as not to tell you I love it.

Sweet Pea said...

Love this! It has the feel of a victorian illustration - very nice.

Jaimie said...

My goodness this is quite striking! what a lot of energy and personality the two figures show.
What medium did you use?

Perriette said...

I keep trying to forget her but... Jane Doe has an acutal picture of her up with practically same words.

This is wonderful! You've been doing some lovely dark things...yummy.

The coven may be returning if you are still interested. Need to rouse AnonyGhost...would you like to have a senance?

Perriette said...

Man, I can't spell....but I can do spells...heehheeee };-}

AscenderRisesAbove said...

another amazing illustration.... that cat looks down right wicked.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I looked a bit more on your site; love how versitale you are with your art.

albina said...

He-he-he… I bet she will find a way to sneak online to view this drawing. No worries, mate-- she’ll be back. Wonderful drawing! Love the drama… have to go and get my gloves out. The tea party you have agreed to might get messy. Last time it was Anony Family for tea, and what you know – chaos, panic and disorder… took pair of very sturdy gloves to clean up green mess they left behind. All that accomplished between fits of crying. Happy Hopes and Merry Spring!

merlinprincesse said...

Anonyghost and Ghostcat! They are still there thouhg! Haunting some places... Yes we miss them. And this is a fantastic tribute to them... Strong drawing from a strong artist! Love it!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Very nice--in a creepy "Ghost Lady of the Park" sort of way.

Angela said...

This is such a beautiful classical looking illustration. It reminds me of the great Arthur Rackham.
You have a great sense of style!

Bron Smith said...

Such a haunting, captivating, arresting style you have. I like it.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

There is definitely a haunting quality about this piece. The cat is simply a delight! Hahahaah.

Anonymous said...

woooooooahhohoho ...

Caroline said...

Tee hee looks like your fabulous tribute brought a ghost out of the woodwork...

Wonderful illustration of an illustrious pair.

Janet said...

I love this!

Anonymous said...

Haunting drawing. Beautiful work!

LDahl said...

Hello everyone....I'm late and in the middle of work/hell :))) Just wanted you to know I appreciate your comments and will carry your hauntings with me today and answer you all as soon as I can:)

This is just pencil on drawing board that I make. Toned it in Corel.

I've had a visitation by da ghost herself...love it!

Cate said...

Elegant and ethereal. What fabulous and intense emotions you have captured! I have so many other impressions of this, too, but I don't have the words to convey what I feel . . . Ldahl, you've rendered me speechless!

I've had a recent "visitor" at my house as well! I think I'm going to pack him on up and send him over to your place.

Thank you for sharing your gift!

Alina Chau said...

This is beautiful!! Love the visual style of this illo very much ... how you darken the hands and the face, hair, and feed and the cat ... and fade out the rest!!

Toni said...

Oh my God, Lilah this is too much. And to get a visit from the ghost of anonymous herself is well..... awesome. I love that cat!!!! that is just how Hellcat looks. I believe.
wonderful drawing. Tell the ghost I said hello.
BTW do you still want some lettering done? Let me know.

modroom said...

Good to see your hat appearing again. This is funny and slightly peculiar! Hope you're keeping nice and busy.

Aravis said...

I love this! And I, too, miss those two. Wonderful tribute to them.

Jaimie said...

This is spooky, graceful and wonderful!

vfm4 said...

nice one... :-)

Machinistscott said...

Dancing cats are funny and scary at the same time.

I love your style!

LDahl said...

Coolness! Glad you liked it:) I look at my postcard of Venice in it's lovely shades of antique and think of how terrific a person you are, thank you again!

Well, if they're not, they should be...after all they sure gave us all a fun time this winter... always something to look forward to, thanks to the dynamic duo and of course some other most interesting bloggers:))) They made the world a better*hork* *VOMIT* place to live in.

Brian the Mennonite
Yeah...well you play guitar and have a lovely fam... so there!!!:)))
My little bunch of rebels are pretty cool too and I do play a bit of guitar, but I'll never be "good", and I have a feeling you are so very good. Have you ever read the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? My copy is coming apart I've read it so much. I think it is the one MUST HAVE book for anyone wanting or needing to be creative. Check it out, she says being "green" is cool because it means you are pointed in the right direction. I'm so happy you don't let green stop you from saying what you feel...you are pretty special!

Sweet Pea
Thank you Sweet Pea!!!!!!

It's just a pencil drawing, I toned it in Corel 8, which I think I'm beginning to outgrow after all these years.(It was a great program, I'm hearing a lot of good comments about the new one and may check out upgrading after awhile)

The Mysterious Poodle Circus
You bet!! My time is limited but I'd still like to be part of the Hag-Pack:))) One problem... I don't have a cat, can I use the neighbors feline? Poofball Patsy isn't a very crone worthy cat, but she's all I have access to:))))

Hehehehe! I had wicked fun drawing it...lots better full sized};-}
Thank you thank you thank you!

You are quite the fortune teller, I had a visitation just as you predicted! Yes get those gloves... and put the kettle on... tea is served:))) Thanks for the wishes, it is a lovely spring even though all the cars in the family got hail dents top to bottom and up one side. No windows broken and the siding is still on our houses...life is good:)

Look below, she "Herself" was here! Long may she haunt!
Thanks for your comment, I enjoyed your fly-eating-cat-video... cable is great!!!

Thanks Tony, I should have put one of those Victorian park lights in the drawing!

OH, thank you...he's one of my idols... I look at his stuff when I am in the mood to be charmed into another place... I really like hanging out there and wish it was a place one could open a door and be there:)

Bron Smith
High praise coming from you! Thank you:)

Chuang Shyue Chou
Thank you Chuang!! I really appreciate what you said:)

Anonymous said........

woooooooahhohoho ...

AND a big BOOOOOOOOOOO to you!!!!!! (I sure miss you...boo-hoo)
I feel like I got a visit from the Queen:))) Haunt me any time you get a spare minute, ghosts and company, always welcome.

I couldn't ask for anything more:))) Thanks for your visit too.
Is it getting warmer up north?

I loved doing it!! Thanks Janet:)

Glad you liked, thank you!

Thank you Cate, I felt just like that when I read what you wrote, comparing yourself to a book... it was lump-in-the-throat, omy, omy ohellyesss.... it was perfect and beautiful:)

"I've had a recent "visitor" at my house as well! I think I'm going to pack him on up and send him over to your place."

I lived for about five years in a very haunted house... not that I really believe in all that, but I do...now isn't that weird? ON one hand or the other kind of thing. I got up about two in the morning once to ALL the toys (that had those features) talking, plinking, revving their little engines and giggling... etc, one that wasn't in the toy box was just rolling up and down the hall talking to itself...
a very strange thing to wake up to. Ahh, the stories I could tell about that house, but the really weird thing, it never freaked me out. The toy thing was pretty strange though 'cause it really sounded like they were all talking to each other.
I miss me ghosties now:( They were family... not that I believe in all that stuff.

Alina Chau
Thank you so much Alina, wow, cool!!!

Toni Kelly
Thank you Toni!!!!!!!!!! You bet I'm interested, I really think we could do something cool together. I think I've only known one other person that could letter like you, and he was one of those people that was brilliant at one thing as it was all he could do. You on the other hand make fabulous art too!

I AM keeping so busy, I am glad the head is a closed system or me brain would fall out:)))) Some days I think it will blow up and come flying out my ears at the speed of light.... that would be a red shift I'd never want to see:))

Thank you Arvis, we can only hope they return, refreshed and claws sharpened...*Giggle* *hork*

I rather like spooky, don't you:) thanks for the really nice comment!

How have you been? Thanks for the comment!

I've really seen 'em do it too:) Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it!

The Tart said...

Wow... beautiful in a very springy way!

The Tart
; )

catnapping said...

i love THIS.

the creaminess of it. the hint of smokey spirits...

I miss anonymous and hellcat, too.

LDahl said...

yeah, *sniff*

The Unknown said...

OH! This is wonderful!

LDahl said...

I am so happy you like it!! Means a lot:)to me Unknown.

Ramin said...

This is very nice...

LDahl said...

Thank you Ramin. Are you a magician or a musician? Perhaps both?

Ramin said...

Both...but not professionally. Thanks for the nice comment. Your Artwork is very inspiring. I came home from work yesterday and started looking for my Pad and Pencils :) Did you do these on a computer?

LDahl said...

Hi Ramin,
YEAH!(for Pad and Pencils!!!...you go guy!!)Actually this is just a pencil drawing. I scanned it in color and adjusted it to the sepia side. I cleaned it up a bit, but left it chunky because Hellcat and Anonymous are very much creatures of cyber-space and I wanted it to feel like they had just materialized from a cyber wall. I make my own drawing board, so what you are seeing as texture, is a result of brushmarks in the ground.
We have a friend(Kep!...see his link on the sidebar) who is a fantastic magician. We were at a fancy restaurant and he did the standard "pick a card" trick, but when it came time for the reveal... the card was gone. We thought he had messed up, but then someone noticed our card stuck to the ceiling!!! I still don't know how he did that one:)))

Ramin said...

Yes! I've heard of Kep...and all of it good :) He is a Wonder Wizard of sorts. You are lucky, to be able to experience great magic on a personal level is actually uncommon.
Thanks for explaining the technique you used in the drawing.

LDahl said...

Wonder Wizard amongt other things:)))
It was a magic night, Kep!(his exclamation point,not mine:) is a magical person. Yes, Im lucky:)))
You are more than welcome, Ronnie.
Oh, can you cross pick?