Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Unknown said...


benconservato said...

The texture and the colours are very appealing. It is a very beautiful piece.

disappointed said...

this is lovely

JennC said...

Very nice mix of colours.

constanthing said...

Jewels, fossils, sand, rock ... such an interesting and precious mix of textures and colors, really nice.

Toni said...

Another gorgeous watercolor filled with shapes and textures. Love the layering. You have inspired me to do some more painting from nature.

TXArtcGal said...

Fantastic job! LOVE the colors and shapes! Fantastic job!

Hotwire said...

very beautiful.

Ellen said...

Ahhhhh...beautiful!!!! Reminds me of Anne Morrow Lindburg's writing!

albina said...

Lovely and complex, a visual feast.

steve said...

OH WOW!!! I'm loving this stuff!!! Fantastic work here--keep it up!

punctum said...

Yep :))

Caroline said...

Lovely textures and subtle colours. Glad you liked my leaf!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very very nice!!

Antonia said...

this is beautiful...like those colors....

Alina Chau said...

Love this piece, sooo special and unique in style!! Beautiful!

Lou said...

Very nice. They look to still be on the white sand beaches of the Gulf or some other exotoc place. You choice of colors and shapes is fabulous. Great job!

Holly said...

This is beautiful. One of my favourite things is finding those treats by the ocean. Nice use of colour and texture. Cheers!

merlinprincesse said...

You inspire me young lady! :o)

The Tart said...

Really lovely. I see a face in the to right hand corner. ; )

The Tart
; )

carla said...

I can almost hear the water over those shells and stones...you have an amazing way of capturing natural colors, especially those rocks. They're like a geologist's dream in their texture and colors. My eye is drawn to the spot of lapis in the center...very mystical!

Bron Smith said...

You have a beautiful painting technique. I like all of textures and patterns to entertain the eye.

Wilnara said...

Another beautiful painting!!!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

WOW! I love the colours, textures and details of this piece. Glad you are posting again. :)

LDahl said...

Thanks everyone of you!!! I'm still on the run...but you know I'll get back to you with better replies as time allows.
As Tart and Unknown say:

cream said...

L, this is absolutely delicious!
I love the colours!
I am sure I saw this as a kid looking for shells!

Jaimie said...

scrumptious. I love that it's somewhat abstract but the objects are still recognizable

Gabrielle said...

I really like this! Delicious jewel-like shapes and colours nestled within a background that reminds me of foamy water and a few randomly washed up nibbly objects thrown in as a surprise element. I like to walk along the beach and pick up the pieces of worn down coloured glass, this gives me exactly the same feeling.

Cate said...

I see so much in this: initial reaction, colorful, textured treasures on a white beach, transparency contrasted with opagueness, smooth contrasted with grooves and bumps. But then, "things" start popping out (ghosties? :): a baby crawling, a person tilting his/her head, a child, a frog . . . Ldahl, I think I'm losing it! But, if I have to "lose it" anywhere, it would be here, while relishing your work! Beautifully done!

aynaku said...

as an inveterate beachcomber I can only appreciate this!
great watercolor (is it?), jewels in the sand...

LDahl said...

Thank you Unknown. Lovely for you to visit!
~ morelove

Thank you, I started out trying to make it the ugliest piece I'd ever done... rather freed me up to learn:))

Bubblegum.... I destroyed all the really good bits (except for one or two I didn't have the heart to kill) just so I wouldn't get stuck with the same way I do things.

Thanks JennC! When I got tired I started trying to make sense of the mess and this is what I came up with:)))

Jewels, fossils, sand, rock ... Those are things I really love...that and sticks:)

Toni Kelly
I have a whole box of nature bits I've saved like treasures over the years, I hope to get them out soon and make some studies.

Hey, thanks so much TXArtcGal!!! I hope you like the next one too.

Thank you:) I'm so glad you visited!

Ellen I will have to check out Anne Morrow Lindburg. I'll ask Cate, she knows so much about authors.

albina, to go along with the tea party eh? Thanks so much, I'm learning alot from these:)

Steve do you think they would sell? I just want to be a painter:)

Punctum....... thanks for your comment, really gave me a smile.

I loved your leaf... there was a whole world in it.

Thanks...I want to be painting a lot more of these.

I can't seem to change my pallet, these are the colors I relate to... but I need to break out of that idea too.

Alina Chau
I am having fun going down this road, learning more and more with every step.... exploring... much more fun than creating!!

Wishful thinking, I wish I could go and see those places again.....

The few times I have gotten to do this, I felt like a kid again, it is also one of my favorite things to do...... We have a big lake not to far from here and as this was once an inland sea, you can still find shells and bits of animals and plants on the "beach"(they are just very old fossils now). We even still have seagulls.

oh hehe! Yeh, well, I've been having a strange 'want' for a cat!

What? One of those little buggers crept back in?!! :)))

lapis, it's funny that you mentioned lapis, because that is exactly what that color is, ground lapis. I keep looking for the 'right ' blue... I feel like I miss the blue I want, very strange, as I don't even know what I mean, but it is a blue with a punch and I'm just not happy with what I've aquired so far. Suggestions anyone?

Bron Smith, thanks... I want to pull this style out into bigger works with more content.

Wilnara, bless you my dear, you give me confidence to keep on exploring.

Christine Lim Simpson
Me too, I missed it so bad...what an addict I became in such a short time:))) I don't know what is worse, not posting, or not visiting other blogs!!! I still have a ways to go as far as the time management thing, but it is getting better....... I do visit and look and read others blogs, I can't lose touch by not doing at least that much:))))

Cream, thanks, from someone that has a food 'thing' like you that was a very nice compliment:))))

Jaimie I want to get more towards using colors like you do though, at least for a taste!

Worn down coloured glass, shells and driftwood... all things I love. What am I doing in the middle of the country?!?! Well, we have all that I guess, just not the salt air or the chrashing of the surf. I was raised on a sand pile which I used to pretend was the biggest beach in the world... then I found out it was, once upon an ancient time, complete with the most fearsome sea monsters.

Cate, losing it just might be my middle name... or first name now I think of it... same initial!!! Losing It Dahl... nice ring, don't you think? hehe.... And I'll take you all with me...bwaaaahaaaaaa! Your writing is just blowing me away lately... you are almost scary:))

Aynaku...... 2d beach combing.. What I need to do is go and do studies in person....yeh, that's right.... I'm thinking tax write off!! hehe, I guess I would have to sell these to make that work. Always a catch!
Thanks for the very 'special to me' comment. I would love to see the beaches as you have.

buep said...

I love this one! :)

LDahl said...

Thank you buep!!! I'm starting to blog again... how I've missed it!