Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Season of the Witch

Happy Halloween!

There was a nip in the air last night so
today it looks like summer has stopped
holding it's breath and expired. Autumn
is in the air at last.

I just had a 'Halloween' moment. I put a
couple of eggs on to soft boil and walked
away to do something else, in a few
minutes I came back to check and see if
they had started boiling yet. There in the
small black pot, floating across the
face of a creamy white egg, like a bat
across the face of the moon, was a
spider with his knees all drawn up .
The water bubbled merrily away.
Boiling up a spider along with my eggs!!!
ACKkkkkkkk!(Halloween lobster anyone?)


simon said...

there's a lot of 'light n shade in this :o)

wonderful art

Anonymous said...

Ooooh yeah ... it was Happy indeed! HAHHAAAA a Redneck Pumpkin all the way from Kansas! 'Tweets' from Down Under? Beautiful drawing :)

Cream said...

Kids dressed in scary costumes were showered with sweets as they called on Karen last night.
She had stocked up on delightful goodies and enjoyed the evening.

When I got home all I could find was a panful of Minestrone bubbling away on the stove just like in your drawing.
Magical Halloween!

LDahl said...

Shades of night ...Night Shade...Bwaaahahaha!!A nasty treat Simon, but it's berries are so pretty!

Anon,Bumpkin Pumpkins are the best!heheh!

Cream I would settle for leftovers of that soup this morning...cold, so cold already! Too hot too cold too wet....never satisfied!!! WHINE!*giggle*Your Halloween sounded perfect! I'm actually feeling more creative than I have been in months...blogging or new filters and plugins, don't know which, but it is sooo nice to feel the old zing!

El gaucho said...

Great man!! very good with that characters!!!

LDahl said...

El Gaucho, thank you very much!:)

vfm4 said...

as in olden times, this illustration of yours, i love it!

and from the moment i saw it i had the Donovan song in my head.... :-)

LDahl said...

Vfm4, Rabbits running in the ditch...
Miss the olden times, we had a lot of fun, didn't we?

vfm4 said...

we sure did!
You've got to pick up every stitch:-)

aynaku said...

I always liked b/w drawings...this makes no expection...I applaude your mastery...

LauraBraga said...

your illustration is fantastic!!
great atmosphera!!

and happy halloween!!:)


LDahl said...

Vfm4, oh durn, now you've gotten me doing it too...only mine keeps getting broken into by the intro of Come Together
Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller
He got hair down to his knee
Got to be a joker he just do what he please

Thank you Aynaku:D

Hi Laura, thanks and Happy Season to you too. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for your visit and comment.

A Kite Rises said...

I recognize herself stirring the pot. Oh yeah, that's me stirring up some porridge for brekkie ; )

LDahl said...

I have a feeling that "porridge" will stick to the ribs!heheh
Simon said it was beer!!!
If you have a moment, check out the frog video, Ive never seen anything like is funny, and very, very strange!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA that frog video has a mean frog you wouldn''t want to be any bigger than it is! Sounds like a wind-up toy ...

LDahl said...

It is also known as the Freddie Kruger frog and it gets a lot bigger, big enough to eat mice and birds. I think that one is a very young female.It's supposed to have a painful bite, but is not aggressive only defensive.(Yeah, been doing some reading:)))
It did sound like a wind-up toy didn't it!?!

homo escapeons said...

joo-joo eyeball is right! Yeeecchh!
What a horrid little creature. Those two little spiky teeth are uber isn't poisonous is it?

I realise the poor thing has to bluff and put on a good show in the wild because there are prolly a lot of critters tryin' to eat them.

I wish that I had the patience to make those fun little vids like that thar pumpkin feller.

Arachneggs for breaky..mmm. If that spider was radioactive you could be out scaling walls and swinging in between skyscrapers!
Would that be cool or what?

A Kite Rises said...

Freaky frog! Started out feeling nervous and startled by it, but by the end kind of felt sorry for it, with that finger jabbing at it the whole time, wished it would nip the mean human who kept poking it to perform!

merlinprincesse said...

Beautiful drawing, Lilah! And thanks for the fun with the froggy! Have you noticed the little teeth in her mouth? She's cute! *kinda*

Twisselman said...

'Must be the...' vfm4 beat me to the punch... 'you've got to pick up every stitch...' Al Kooper, Steven Stills and... and... I've forgotten the third member of the trio who put out a version of that song. Very tasty... as I imagine this broth and your spidey soup must have been. This group of witches could represent the 'hats' topic very well. Beauty.

LDahl said...

HE, horrid little creature...not just pretty words:))) I really was intrigued by the bravery displayed by that little thing; it was literally standing up to a horrid huge creature that could easily stomp it into the ground....... Stupid frog. hehehe
I could be spider-woman and my kids could live on the web...oh, wait...hmmm :I Could I have a really cool costume?

Kite Woman! (You get to be a Super Hero too)I know what you mean, is it cute, ugly or just a weird drawing come to life? AND sounds like a wind-up toy. Just doesn't get any better than that.

Merlinprincesse Thanks! Nothing scarier than frogs teeth...unless of course it's chicken lips!hehehe

Twisselman Mike Bloomfield Supersession? I wonder if my spider soup is as good as theirs? Mine was probably a bit light on the spider..but it is so hard to get really good spider these days. :))

tlc illustration said...

Loved the videos. Ick! on the boiled spider! (shudder! I like most bugs, but respond irrationally to spiders).

Your drawing makes me worry just bit for those young girls...

Happy November!

LDahl said...

Hi Tara! Thanks again for your leaves, we now are getting a few of our own. You would have freaked if you had seen the spider floating along...the inside of the pot was black and like a fool I didn't rinse it out before using.heheh A mistake I won't be making again soon! I know those girls have something to worry about...that big old pot probably wasn't rinsed out before using telling what was still in it, or what it contains now(Simon says beer, but I think he is dreaming Aussie dreams!)

Happy November to you too!

Jack said...

I'm weird too!

LDahl said...

Nah Jack...You're just a pretty boy!
Your momma dresses you funny though:))))

homo escapeons said...

Days have passed and I am still creeped out by the horrid little creature.

As far as I can tell all of the best frogs live in South America. The frogs down there are brightly coloured, docile, and you can lick the hallucinogen off of their their backs while puttering in the garden.
Now THAT is a frog!

LDahl said...

Hi HE! That would make a great gardening show! GARDENING WITH HE (This isn't your fathers' garden!)

Merisi said...

I hope you deboned the spider before you ate it! ;-)))

Halloween long over (the 12th of Nov already), Vienna greeted the first snow of the season yesterday.
Crazy weather. Today it's back to fall, sunny, but blustery winds. Hope you are doing fine! :-)

Andrea said...

I would have screamed!

LDahl said...

Merisi, that is so funny! It's finally fall here, weird year!

Andrea, well it certainly taught me to look in the bottom of black pots before using!!!heheh!

merlinprincesse said...

What!!!! The spider did NOT survived! HOW sad! :(

LDahl said...

No, he was corpsafied!A deader.
RIP Spidey!